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We’ve been trying for like this is the third time to come to California Pizza Kitchen, and they’re finally open and. So we’ve got a really nice spot it’s all open that’s very nice. But Hey Steven, and Hey everybody not just coffee. Because we were waiting for a very exciting phone call you’ve been trying to tell you guys as soon as news of travel happens this year we want to inform you straight away we don’t want to be like oh this is covered up this is coming up soon I can’t make any promises yet.

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But we might be able to tell you where we’re going in March remember Japan is April you still got March free hopefully we get the information in the next half an hour. So we’re gonna be heading it down into the city today. Because there is a festival on called the Fringe Festival, and we’ve actually never really been in Perth when it’s happening it’s okay annual thing, and I think you guys for like a month it’s like an arts things you can go see a comedian you can go see you like thingy shows, and then I was so like if you don’t wanna see any shows they set up like food trucks, and stuff which is what we’re gonna go have dinner there we’re done having it the crazy the crazy Skype call in the car on the way to the city. So it looks like in the next few weeks well like in maybe two or three weeks I think is when it’s gonna start we’re gonna do another similar trip like we did in Africa we’ve got eco who’s the volunteer company we work with, and we create like posts for them to promote their volunteer projects, and we completely love this company I think they’re like our favorite company we work with, and it looks like we’re gonna be going, and checking out some of their projects in Thailand Laos know you say it olivine philippine lobbyists ticked off number two, and i want to tell you guys when we told you our body lyrics, I’m so excited when we told you our bucket list we weren’t like looks like we’re going to these countries, I’m gonna do it. So we sound cool that we’re checking them off uh-huh when we do it we put that on the list. So we could work to go towards these countries, and we’re checking off the boxes, I’m so excited.

But do you know what’s bad is we’re going to a country that actually has me more excited in the bucket list yes. So those are the three countries that we’re going to like that are definitely confirmed to other countries that have brand-new projects that they want us to go, and check out to see what they like, and one is in Myanmar or Burma, and then surname in it they’ve got really beautiful temples though we’ll have a little google, and I was like wow that’s really unique I haven’t really spoken to anyone that’s been there, and the other one is Mongolia Mongolia how cool is that sound, I’m sorry like I don’t nothing about this place besides Genghis Khan the Great Wall of China, and that South Park post, and I had a look, and it’s like negative three degrees and, I’m like wow I don’t even think a comment last time we traveled in such cold conditions. But she’s gonna be super interesting, and again I’ve never like I haven’t spoken to anyone that’s been to Myanmar all Mongolia we haven’t seen any like posts if you guys have seen someone has blogged it please send it to us. Because all we’ve seen is like documentaries which is interesting yeah. But it’s cool to see someone flocking yeah I love reading posts of things with you if you’ve seen any posts of people there please let us know. Because I watch them. But hopefully those two countries also get confirmed which we’ll find out I think in the next week that’s yet yeah.

But we got to excited to tell you guys the other ones hundred percent yeah we’re going to those three countries. So, I’m very excited about that, and I guess we got to start planning as well cuz I also want to see the countries it’s all got to work out what we should do. So if you have any recommendations of things to do in Thailand layoffs Laos I always get wrong Laos, and Philippines let us know I really want to see Boracay. Because I’ve seen photos of it. But um I really looked into those countries before I think we’ve been to Peru get before in Thailand, and Bangkok, and that’s in all those countries. So uh we’re very excited Stephen is like Mongolia goes to Mongolia it sounds. So cool I know I don’t even know what to expect some yeah I think those are very exciting half an hour little Skype calls on an exciting is in like two three weeks time I know is why we don’t tell you guys till it’s organized.

Because it’s literally organized just before we go all right we need to let great book flights now, and work handle that and, I’m gonna get yeah from a lot yeah I don’t we don’t even own like clothing for that type of weather, I’m so good after we yes all right worked at the city now what a good start to the day start to the Friday all right turn this duty I feel like one of the most like overwhelming things about our job is that we can find out like with only two or three weeks that we’re gonna be going on like a six or seven week trip. So, I’m like oh my gosh I just googled I was like we need to organize visas we need to start getting like proper gear proper weather gear get insurance really likes work. Because like you know it’s the new year. So we need to go get all our travel insurance renewed we have to get all our like year insurance renewed and, I’m just like a little bit overwhelmed very very excited though I think I think this is like more my job don’t we think is organizing visas, and stuff. So, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed right now, and he’s just like completely ecstatic know where we are I know it is sorry. But very exciting oh it kind of nice now that were in the city we can like celebrate yeah food truck yeah I love through trucks I feel like we’ve barely like tried food truck super cool this one is in San Francisco in off the ground yeah guys I love that in summer I love that you guys into food trucks this store here is the store Stephen got my engagement ring, and I think in the next few weeks we should come here, and start planning our wedding rings that’s the kind of sale Steve needs sorry guys we have found the food markets I realized the markets not trap spot it smells. So good looks.

So good let’s go like window shop free right like look at this there’s like that a music going on just got the barbecues open good vibe going on here all right we’ve just counted it out, and it’s only two places really they’ll do vegetarian options first up suddenly guys sorry if the rest of the post makes you hungry. But we’re gonna try out our dumplings taystee. So good, and that sesame sauce is good as well yeah good from like Asian cuisine to Turkish cuisine we’re trying all the cuisines for one more as well it’s finishing fat off get in there get in there okay guys you have to come down there the vibe is really cold okay last order we end as a hobby what do you got there the kind of donut it’s kind of cool though how they’ve done it they told me it looks like Miley Cyrus I don’t see it come on destiny hope you eat that oh my gosh I feel like Bruce Roth Chadha right now. But we have to end our feast with a free Nespresso big news for all those UK people out there Bunnings Warehouse is now in the UK all australia’s will understand all the UK people are gonna be excited for yes it’s a loss it says all, I’m gonna food kind of movie eh too much why did we eat, and watch we didn’t need the doughnut, and we don’t need the coffee Stephens currently teasing me right now. Because I never sign up the subscription services right. So you know how there’s what some Netflix are you Stephens account Spotify Spotify I still clear his account. But there was an account I really wanted to sign up for, and I didn’t know anyone’s logins.

So I had to sign up, and it’s literally I think I don’t know if it’s really in it you’re gonna swing in Australia I think it is, and by the way this is not sponsored this is just Jess okay guys. So Stevens Carly teasing me. Because I’ve signed up for its kind of like a Netflix it’s called hey you hey you or something, and it’s a Netflix only for reality TV show. So literally there’s only reality TV shows on the subscription we’re talking Keeping Up with the Kardashians we’re talking, I’m talking all the Gazeta Made in Chelsea wasn’t, I’m currently in two guys Made in Chelsea up to season 11 it’s getting really good we’re talking like just for signing up is like what movie you feeling, I’m feeling bitchy, and Lauri it was like I was like okay, I’m feeling bitchy, and then it came up with all these like shows it recommended for me or it was like, I’m feeling you sad or lonely or like sad lonely sassy on fleek you know pretty much had my life sorted now for $6 a month I just watch binge watch reality TV show every night. So I guess what, I’m gonna do now, I’m gonna have a crazy Friday night, and keep reading my Made in Chelsea. But you need to tell us are you feeling bitchy are you feeling on play all you feeling. So I salute what do you feel good I don’t know why look it up with it get nothing feels better than fresh sheets chained to the bed guys I know we’re probably pronouncing is wrong.

But how cool to the temples looking me, and man Mar mean man Mar maybe you know when you make the google lady say how to study it oh yes google lady how to say it alright google translate assess everything correctly Yanmar Myanmar Myanmar Myanmar this is so quick me, and mom young Mar Vietnam young mom him up yeah mom you know this is my new Netflix by the way let’s see you pick a mood. So, I’m gonna choose cringe see you then a choosiness. So definitely Robin China is full of cringe. So I I agree with that alright guys we are hitting was switching on the camera by the way I wanted to apologize how late this post is it is a 20 p.m. on Friday.

But we purposely wanted to do a post edit in one day session. So if the news was exciting which it was we could tell you guys heart of the press right. So thank you so much for reading guys, and thank you for bearing with us on this very late post. But since we’ve been coming home we’ve actually been doing some wedding photography to get like some extra cash. So we can buy all these warm jackets. So tomorrow a friend of ours is getting married, and she’s like you wanna come for my wedding, and I was like that sounds fun. So tomorrow we’re gonna post a wedding maybe we’ll post in between it Bay I think, I’ll call is 10:30 in the morning, and we finished at 10 o’clock at night.

But Ashley, and Hardy will be at the wedding in the afternoon. So we get to see them which will be really fun. But thanks so much for reading guys if you are excited for any of those countries we mentioned smash the thumbs button we really appreciate, and if you’re new around here, and you excited for the posts make sure you hit comment. Because I think we’re going in a few weeks time. So thanks so much for reading guys, and we will see you comment if you want to watch coming up the adventures the adventures not guys.

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