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In Japan right now Japan oh my gosh my camera is dripping wet it is so hard don’t come in the rain she’s gone if it rains do not come here, and I repeat if it rains don’t come walking even three steps it’s really difficult I just want to say one more thing you can rains do not look at this is amazing gorgeous view not as gorgeous, and it’s supposed to be right now. Because you can’t even barely see the ocean. But it’s there in the mountains Libya with IR deciding now if we want to leave or my dono stay, I’m not believing maybe get some tea they call it the santorini of taiwan. Because it’s kind of built into the cliffside like centuries it has a view of water I can’t see how they would associate the two it’s just follow the worst date Club I don’t think that really anyone out there has a 100% perfect life, and that definitely goes for me as well thankfully though your life is not meant to be perfect there’s a reason why people don’t tell stories about the perfect year or the trip that went completely smoothly or the time that nothing bad ever happened to them in their lives if the world was perfect then I guess I would have never had monkeys raved my house to steal my food in Costa Rica if the world was perfect then I guess Libya wouldn’t always be interrupting my posts. But things that have nothing to do with what, I’m saying. So there’s two spots see on my forehead that’s why here is this what you’re thinking, I’m posting time okay.

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So say my if the world was perfect then I guess my gear would always work my computer is basically like Jason Bourne right now it’s alive. But it doesn’t know who it is if the world was perfect then I guess every new food I tried would be absolutely amazing perfection sounds well perfect. But the truth is that perfection is boring perfection would mean the end of challenging ourselves of pushing ourselves to do something that scares us if things were perfect then you would never have to do that some of the best memories that I have, and stories that I tell people some of the best parts of my life we’re also during hard times in my life or when things were going very very wrong, and definitely a lot more wrong than just getting rained on to be warm sometime in the future Olivia what do you think of our day absolutely freezing the clouds the storm clouds are like around your head like we’re in it here right. So wet, I’m so cold and. So miserable. But it’s still beautiful I recommend it’s perfect I thought this would be a romantic place. Because you know it’s the Santorini of Taiwan, and century me is the century is where we met you thought it’d be romantic, I’ll give you oh man okay Livio complaining time is now open allowed.

So what if we’ve been trying to stay positive can we talk about how we have seen the Sun in over a week for one single second of any day this is the scene in Asia yeah I’ve never seen just cold anywhere in Asia certain places have decided that it’s a good idea to still have a scale the bus here had a seat, and this bus has AC on, and everybody just thinks it’s normal well, I’m telling you that’s not normal actually I would like to be glad when the bus got filled to the brim with people, and we were like sitting on like a little bit of heat yeah like all you know awesome when Livio, and I went back home it was of course now that it’s night even colder than ever it was into the 30s now the bus ride back was not fun air-conditioned as well again I do not know why we got back into the city, and there was an earthquake that very night scary cuz it’s like what can it be that it just moves things. So effortlessly it’s like the whole bed was moving the whole house the whole room this has been quite a day yeah my feet are still frozen you shouldn’t the next it turned out that there had been a severe earthquake three hours away in quali N, and we still felt it in Taipei over the next few there were more, and more earthquakes the most severe ones hit over in Hualien which we had been planning to go to, and thankfully we didn’t.

Because of the rain actually ended up saving us in a way there was a night that Livio had actually already left, and I was following him a few days later I was staying in Taipei a few more days in the night I was asleep, and I was woken up by a very very loud siren I had no idea what was going on I just jumped out of bed, and I see people screaming running down the stairs, and it’s kind of Stampede we were all running, and running, and running down the stairs sirens still going off people are screaming people are crying people are yelling still are asking what’s going on and, I’m just thinking like when’s the earthquake, and a strike is it striking really strongly here now what is going on it didn’t end up being a severe earthquake thankfully. But it was just it was very very scary something about that siren just really scared me I think it just. Because it kept repeating, and repeating, and repeating it was this eerie long drawn-out siren like you might hear in a movie, and then a calm female voice, and then siren voice siren voice siren voice, and it was just seemed surreal, and just to add this very very ominous just a scary undertone to everything that was already happening, and people freaking out all around me, and then this calm female voice I don’t know just something about it really says something off for me, and I am rarely afraid of anything I I don’t think I really get scared of much that I can think of. But that scared me when I was researching Taiwan I was really surprised by what I found. Because I didn’t think that Taiwan had so much natural beauty, and just variation of scenery that I found when I did my research, and I mean it has beaches that look like something out of Hawaii crazy cliffs overlooking the water gorgeous forests places to go hiking beautiful beautiful lakes surrounded in temples Taiwan just looked amazing to me, and I was really looking forward to showing all these sides of it the side that I did first was kind of the towns on one side which I was able to show you guys, and my plan was to go back to Taipei go down the other side where all the beautiful beaches are the forest the nature.

But unfortunately the weather took a bad turn, and then the earthquake started, and it just really was the worst of times to be there. So we did decide to leave, and I didn’t get to show you guys any of that. But, I’m really sad about that. Because I feel like I only showed one little side of Taiwan from what I was planning much less out of what is there. So I am super excited to announce that poppy, and I from the blog where’s poppy probably already know her poppy, and I are going to be going back to Taiwan in May, and we are going to just try, and see everything that I just mentioned, and more just really gonna be a good trip I feel like. So I am excited about that, and right now I am actually in the Philippines I have escaped the the cold, and the rain it’s a little strange to be editing really rainy gray posts when, I’m in this tropical paradise. So after this post guys better be ready for some more sunshine like I know I was when I was in Japan it’s freezing I can’t even feel my hands thank you so much for reading today, and be sure to go, and follow my Instagram lately I’ve been posting a lot of stories about all these absolutely gorgeous breathtaking places I’ve been in the Philippines they are amazing poppy, and I are taking photos like crazy and, I’m gonna I have.

So many photos to look through that are all just gorgeous everything I point the camera out here looks unreal. So definitely go, and follow my Instagram if you’d like to see some of that, and look out for Philippines posts coming up really soon thanks for reading see you again next time in the Philippines bye you.

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