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The jewel city of Scandinavia, Stockholm is steeped in history and culture, and is the political and economic centre of Sweden. There are many museums and art galleries that showcase the rich art that Scandinavia is known for, and with beautiful gardens dotted around the city, it makes for an ideal place to tour.

How to get around

The city has a good network of public transport systems, as one would expect in a capital, with the Metro offering three lines that cover most areas of the city, and with a network of trams and boats, travelling in Stockholm becomes a bit of an adventure. Exploring the various forms of transport is part of the fun, so if you are the exploring type, arm yourself with the Stockholm Guide, and set off to discover the city.


There are more than 100 museums in Stockholm, so if you are into history, you might want to stay a few months. The Vasa Museum is the most visited in the country, with a fine example of a 17th century seafaring vessel, which is almost in original condition. You can almost feel the salt spray, as the heavily gunned ship prepared to sail into battle. The Vasa was commissioned in 1628, and unfortunately sank on her maiden voyage, one reason why the ship is still in pristine condition.

The Nobel Museum

Everyone has heard of the prestigious Nobel Prizes, which are awarded in several categories, to honour outstanding human achievements in the fields of science, medicine and many other important study areas. Albert Nobel founded the Nobel Prize foundation in the early 1900’s, and the museum showcases his life, as well as all the Nobel Laureates from 1901 to the present day. This fine museum is well worth a visit, and if you are a Stockholm Pass holder, admission is free. It makes for an interesting day, to read about the lives of exceptional people, all of whom have helped mankind expand its knowledge.


SkyView is a top attraction in Stockholm, and it takes you to the top of the Ericsson Globe, which is a major tourist venue. The apex is 130 metres above sea-level, and allows one to see Stockholm in its entirety. The complete trip takes thirty minutes, with the gondolas leaving at regular intervals, and the view is definitely something else! There are a range of restaurants and souvenir shops nearby.

The Ericsson Globe

This is the largest hemispherical building in the world, and it took two and a half years to construct. Shaped like a large, white ball, the globe shaped arena is used for social and sporting events. There are three ice hockey teams that use the globe as their home ground, and other sports, such as futsal, are played at the venue. With more than 13,000 seats, the arena has a special feel about it, and for that reason alone, it should be on your list of places to see.

Stockholm is a city that holds so much for the tourist, and by taking advantage of the travel pass, one can negotiate the city at a reasonable cost.

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