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The beauty of this country is really something is very impressive. I see now why, it’s God’s reputation is the beauty of Costa Rica’s landscape, and Wildlife is stunning but what cultural highlights awake you alongside Costa Rica’s tropical beaches, and lush jungles No good Costa Rica in all of its beauty beckons us with its countless cultural, and natural wonders Costa Rica home to a vast variety of wildlife with its miles of coastline over % of its land in conservation this tropical paradise makes a spectacular refuge for creatures both large, and small Costa Rica this nature is just. So wonderful in the diversity, and mostly their birds they’re just wonderful from volcanic mountain ranges to misty cloud forests, and bountiful jungles what will reveal itself to you while discovering Costa Rica up close you that is until the distant sound of waves emerges out of the rainforest chorus the end of the trail reveals one of the parks white sandy beaches.

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I’ve never seen a beach. So clear, and clean, it’s just a pleasure to be in the water here due to the stable climate warm waters, and subsequent lack of plankton the ocean waters are crystal clear you the beaches soft waves gentle currents provide the perfect environment to discover marine life, and coral reefs you seeing is believing with. So many wonders in such a small place Costa Rica is sure to cast its spell on you one of the most biologically rich nations on earth Costa Rica is known for its welcoming people who are committed to preserving the natural beauty of their beloved country.

I’ve come to Costa Rica because. I’ve heard about the wildlife. I was especially interested in things like monkeys, and crocodiles.

I’ve heard wonderful things about the beaches here the volcano. I like. I just think, it’s a wonderful experience the more you travel the more you learn about people, and customs with a bewildering range of micro culture climate flora fauna, and landscape what treasures will you find with an in-depth visit to Costa Rica if you have any nature interests of.

This is a wonderful place to come, and visit there is a wide variety of things to see from sea level to well up into the elevated areas some of the plants, and animals that you see, it’s a full plate of things that are extremely interesting said to contain as much as six percent of the world’s plant, and animal species in an area with the combined size of Vermont, and New Hampshire Costa Rica overflows with natural treasures.

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