Cheap Travels

Cheap Travels

Not only students just leaving high school – or, college students on a tight budget – primarily fall in the category of cheap travelers.

Indeed, people of all ages, genders, races, backgrounds and walks of life, generally, can and also do fit therein.

One expert travel blogger maintained, “As long as you’re exploring the world and having fun. who cares how much you’re spending?”

Among bloggers and their followers, there is continuous back and forth dialogue, even criticism, on how people travel. The above quote is reactionary and proves this.

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When I first travelled the Mediterranean in 2006, I was not travelling cheaply; but, some of my decisions, choices and actions might have seemed to suggest such.

My stateroom buddy racked up well over US$3000 in cruise expense, while mine for the full two weeks came to a paltry US$453 which the ship also charged to his credit card; for, the custom was to only take one card per stateroom.

I was exploring the world and having fun. I could not afford to leave the ship and have dinner at an internationally renowned restaurant in Kusadasi which is located on the western part of Turkey and is today a popular cruise port.

Instead, the money I saved by not enjoying a gourmet Turkish dinner and being enthralled by exotic belly dancers was well spent on going to Ephesus and seeing and enjoying the sights.

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