Hey everybody how are you doing today we are here at the sandy cape campground just not the Burien Bay we have just gotten up it is about 6:30 in the morning the Sun is just rising which is awesome that a new thought would just go for a little bit of a beach war before we decide to pack up a lookout that we are going to go in we found the beautiful lookout overlooking the sandy KP, and that sunrise is so beautiful the colors are just such a nice way to wake up in the morning there’s our tiny little Australian seagulls dad this big American mamma over here okay I know if that’s a seagull if it’s a different type of bird. But it’s huge as we found a really cool Australian car like a tough tough pitch, and just described up okay we thought we would pack up our tent, and we didn’t bring any supplies for coffee. So we might go sneak into the jury in Baytown this evening find a cafe we also kind of want to find a cafe. Because this is unpowered here.


So we want to charge up the drone. Because the battery’s dead I still want to get some shots before we make it home right hand side we have this cheeky little bird friend, and he keeps leaving little footprints on our car, and he always flies away before we can come, and say hello rock, and roll the hunt for coffee begins Thank You family affair cafe for being open at 8:30 in the Hey guys we’ve made it to pinnacles National Park not too sure how or why or what they are. But they cover this entire area, and they’re those thingies out there, I’m very good at explaining the pinnacle yeah no one really knows how I think there’s a lot of like guest work, and stuff with how the pinnacles came. But the really cool National Park that you can um go to it’s only like an hour, and a half out for when we listen yeah Jake’s ever beans. So we’re gonna show around what do you think of the pinnacle of Union shock, and awe he’s found a good vantage point there, and look out it’s a little bit like Pride Rock. So I think like these massive monoliths do you wanna call them they’re like limestone. So like they that’s why it’s so interesting come out yes if you do come to Perth we do recommend you come down here, and see them thousands of them, and look how tall they are it’s pretty cool guys.

But back on the road, and we are look out for kangaroos. So hopefully we can find some on the way home from here yes our Australian road trip isn’t complete without a couple of kangaroos alright guys we are here for a stretch, and we’re gonna go look for some kangaroos the Jay Jay are you ready your kangaroo encounter he’s Australian 22 years old, and never seen a kangaroo, I’m not 22, and I haven’t seen a kangaroo that’s embarrassing all right guys we’re on the home stretch I am hungry it is almost lunchtime all right guys we’ve just pretty much been chilling all day it was such a relaxing weekend it’s also got me really excited to begin traveling again I hope you guys got excited to enjoy those posts the joy shot thumbs up for the drone shots tell us which was your favorite one new season of commish mid chemo, and blues. So we’re totally gonna be into that for the rest of the night thanks so much for reading guys, and we’ll see you tomorrow night.

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