Cartagena Colombia

Known as the most formidable defensive complex of Spanish military architectures the San Felipe fortress was built in, and was named in honor of Philip forth of Spain these will make it round if a little in the late s Englishman Sir Francis Drake arrived here with a powerful fleet.

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Quickly took the city after paying a ransom it is estimated that Spain poured the equivalent of two trillion dollars into the city’s fortifications over the next few decades stacks of gold, and silver treasures would be kept in these tunnels protected from the plundering Caribbean pirates oh this beautiful fabulous yes in the tunnel.

So Clinton designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site Cartagena’s colonial walled city, and fortress are surrounded by water on all sides we are going to pass very close to the city wall is Eau de Ville, and from the water of carbapenem in the waters surrounding the statue of the Virgin Mary fishermen set their nets hoping to sell their catch to restaurants that prepare the local specialty fish ceviche you.

The Casella burg park is a bird reserve with the territory of eight Hector’s extending between the frickin flak, and tamarine beaches in earlier times there was hardly a native animal since almost all species were brought by the settlers at the same time though the bird life was much richer than elsewhere Casella park of course breeds protects, and shows not only native birds but also those species native to africa, and on the islands of the Indian Ocean of which there are, individual birds living here the most interesting among the birds are perhaps the Blue crowned pigeon the bleeding-heart pigeon, and of course the famous Mauricio is pink pigeon there are peacocks ostriches parrots cockatoos, and flamingos the songbirds birds of prey, and aquatic birds are also represented during our walk we find playgrounds fish ponds souvenir shops, and snack bars as those who run the park try to make the time spent here as pleasant as possible they’ve also built a farm, and a petting zoo however there are some residents who can’t make arrests these are the Tigers that were already born in captivity you.

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