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Hey guys recently I was looking online for flights to any random place as one does, and I came across a $28 flight to Taiwan which is a place when I wanted to go for a while.

So immediately of course I knew that I had to take it my flight that I got was to a city that I probably wouldn’t have visited otherwise which was kind of cool it was to a city called Tai Chung today is an absolutely beautiful day in Taichung it is so warm, and nice outside. So I just want to be outside all day I came to Tai Chung Park, and it’s so pretty look at this right now I am in this little place called the rainbow village, and maybe you can see why it’s called head one one fine this place was actually started. Because an old woman, and her husband started painting all these colorful murals on just the walls of their houses it originally started inside their house, and then the art just kind of grew, and grew to be all over this little village, and kind of took over it wasn’t done as a touristy location or anything like that it was just kind of done. Because they love to paint colorful paintings, and then a group of students found this place, and started sharing photos on social media, and it became a tourist destination, and now it’s protected by the government that no one can take it down or harm the artwork I think this reminds me of some sort of like Candyland village just color overload everywhere love the style of the art got a chocolate I don’t know why. Because it’s pretty hot outside. But it’s so good I think, I’m gonna leave now go back into the city you guys should definitely come here if you want to come it is green which is great see you back to city flute this dog rides the bike he wants to leave I love.

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So usually you can very to see in Japan, and here we have in Taiwan. So usually will be this one which maybe cheese or basically what happy to sell we gotcha. But is it Taiwanese yes in fact, I’m a tire crispy on the outside I love dumplings wandering around in this area that I was suggested to go to buy local, I’m not really sure what is going on here I think it’s it looks like a factory type of area that was converted into shops except none of them are open, and everything’s just kind of dead like there’s chairs here. But they’re just chained up, and there’s nobody here I don’t know if it’s abandoned for real or if it’s just supposed to look like that. But a lot of these places do seem to genuinely be just abandoned or there’s creepy dark hallways, and then some of them are just super nice, and renovated inside, and there it’s a well-kept garden, I’m not really sure what is going on with this area this place is actually pretty cool there’s these hallways that look like just ruined a bad dead sort of place, and then they open up into these art studios I found some sort of puppet exhibit it says that this is a photography exhibit. But it’s just completely black Paul, and you can’t tell what’s inside there’s peaceful music I was just walking around, and I heard this noise like peaceful music, and it sounded like an ice-cream truck maybe. But it was the garbage truck, and I was actually standing there just listening to the peaceful music of the garbage truck I’ve never seen that for pretty interesting right now I am in this amazing enchanting place called miyahara.

So originally this place was actually a hospital it was shut down, and abandoned. But now it has been restored this mix between an ice cream shop gift shop, and a beautiful chocolate shop it looks like something out of pre Potter and, I’m gonna of course try some ice cream found a place that looks. So cool just met this big group of students, and they wanted me to do some sort of action pose with them, and they’re really cool to talk to them for a little bit, and they said welcome to Taiwan they’re so nice seems like a pretty cool place I don’t know if it’s the time of day or just like the area that, I’m walking around. But it does seem a little quiet like there’s not very many people out, and about at all it’s really artsy like all these people just have art on their doors or on the walls or in the streets found this really cool rooftop there is a way up even further who is calling my name did I do it yes yeah are you gonna do gotta go back up, and show you guys. Because it is amazing up there I haven’t actually realized how big this city is until I came up to this rooftop. So man that is going to be it for Tai Chi I hope that you enjoyed it was a really good introduction to Taiwan I think. Because even though Tai Chung recently became the second biggest city in Taiwan it’s not a touristy place at all, and it’s kind of easier to get the local experience I guess, and meet people like I met Lena if you guys are planning to come here I definitely would not say that Tai Chung is like a must-see place in Taiwan or anything like that I wouldn’t really call any place specifically boring.

But there’s not that much to do here like what I did in the post is kind of the most exciting stuff, and it’s not um I don’t know stuff that you can do like all day sometimes it can be difficult to tell in posts. But for example the rainbow village where I was that is super super super small. So you can literally walk around it in five minutes maybe you’d spend an hour there. So yeah if you like the stuff in this post then it is worth noting that all of it pretty much is free like najara the cartoon lane again super small gringo village the night market I mean if you want to buy anything, and any of these places then of course it is no longer free. But if you do just want to go, and walk around then that is an option without having to pay anything which is always nice my next post set in Taiwan is going to be in a pretty different place it is a really tiny tiny little town that even TripAdvisor does not know anything about, and yet it is one of the most picturesque places I have ever seen. So really looking forward to showing you guys that, and I will see you there thanks for reading bye.

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