Wallonie, the French-speaking region of Belgium, enjoys less wealth than its Flemish counterpart; nonetheless, its bigger towns boast interesting histories, partially thanks to their oft-coveted citadels. The towns in the Ardennes offer a relaxing hideaway, with hiking trails through deep forests and beautiful landscapes. The most exceptional area lies in the southeast comer, where gorgeous train rides sweep through peaceful farmland. Although nature-lovers will probably want to spend a night in this part of the Wallonie wilderness, those pressed for time can enjoy the scenery from a train on the way to Brussels, Paris, or Luxembourg.

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Patia is one of the most spectacular wrecks off the northeast coast but because of her size and the depth involved, she presents the diver with much more of a challenge than do many other wrecks in similar depths. It should also be remembered that she is a war grave. As recently as September 1997, some of the ship’s brave survivors visited the area to meet local people who helped them in their time of need. The Storfors (Official No. 5957) was a steel-hulled 550-ton Swedish steam cargo vessel measuring 50.08 m in length, with an 8.3-m beam and a 3.27-m draught. Goteborgs Mekaniske Verkstader AB, Goteborg, Sweden built and completed her as Yard No. 350 on 18 March 1918; she was launched on 19 December 1917 for Uddeholms AB, Uddeholm in Sweden, who was also the owner at the time ofloss; A.

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