Broadway Bicycle School US Map & Phone & Address

Broadway Bicycle School US Map & Phone & Address

351 Broadway, Cambridge; (617) 868-3392 This is actually a workshop for anyone who wants to learn how to fix bicycles from the ground up. Since there are always projects being worked on, they often have used bikes on sale for $50 to $150. These tend to be older-style bikes, reconditioned with good-quality parts; and you can bring yours back in after one month for a free checkup, just to make sure you haven’t gotten a lemon. They usually have deals on some new bikes, too; Mine saw a Yokota mountain bike with alloy wheels for $230. Friendly, laid-back place. Closed Mondays.

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Further north of Wingate is the Outer Wingate, which is an extension of the shallow, rather flat reef: the highest part, 1.5 metres, at the northern end, is called Minscore. A fair number of various types of flatfish can also be observed all around this whole area. Bits of wreckage can also often be found under the kelp or jammed under rocks. Halfway along the island, and a couple of hundred metres out, opposite the gap in the rocks on the shore at low water, there is a small drop from 7 to 10 metres called Brides Hole or Shelldrake Pool. It is a nice little reef, approximately 500 metres long, with a few overhangs and crevices. The whole area is a thick kelp bed and it can be difficult to pull your way through during the summer months, but the effort can bring the reward of a lobster or two. The area is rather sheltered from the strong currents that run a bit further out, offshore. Off Emmanuel Head the seabed is made up of kelp-covered rocks with small reefs running out to sea, but the current is exceptionally strong in both directions, running at 2-3 knots. A good drift dive can be made, best done on the flood tide, taking you south towards the Plough Seat Reef and Wingate shoal.

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