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The main area to be in is Philipsburg on the Dutch side. Not exactly a red light district per se, but a central location where there’s a great line up of bars and line up of women. The best place is Seaman’s club, featuring women from Venezuela and Columbia. This is a clean well-organized in house strip club/brothel, with an attractive fleet of 20-25 girls, very young’s a fun bar to hang out in with a dance floor. Drinks are $3, and the session rooms are out back where the girls live. Only Spanish is spoken, dates from $35-50 here as well as throughout the area. Other strip clubs located here in the home base are Defiance (30 girls), Casa Blanca (35 girls) and Le Pitie Chatue. At Chatue you have pool tables, as a side show the girls tend to get smashed drunk and dance in unison on the bar, and as opposed to the out back location, the girls will leave with you. Try not to dance with the girls on the bar, impersonating Chris Farley will not improve your chances. Hard currency accomplishes that.

For English speaking girls there are Cats and Strawberrys, featuring Jamaican or Trinidadian girls. Cats opens after midnight, has special shows like bondage and stupid crap like that. Do we really look like butch dykes. Take a hint girls, see the kneepads, be the kneepads. These places are strip clubs with lap dances available as well as private sessions behind doors.

Near the airport is The Platinum Club, which is more like your upscale strip club at home. Here they feature a high dollar extravagant layout filled with stunning European girls. There’s a $10 cover. Unfortunately, it’s a strip bar with teasing only. I mean really. What is this, friggin’ Disneyland? Someone needs to score here guys, we’re not all wingmen. Platinum is centrally located near hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, casinos and some of the best beaches the Caribbean has to offer. Get some dances, get some numbers for daytime dates, and move on.

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Vacation Stuff :

And now for the cover story for the old lady.

Golf Courses :

The one 18-hole golf course on the island is located on the Dutch side of St. Maarten nearby at Mullet Bay. The course is open to all visitors; call ahead to reserve a slot.

Ocean Fishing :

The offshore waters offer a wide and challenging variety of game fish including marlin, tuna, dolphin fish, barracuda, and kingfish. The Anglers Big Fishing Tournament occurs at the end of March and the Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament takes place here every year in the month of June. Boats can be chartered at reasonable rates all year long, although some of the fish are only in season in these waters from December through March. Charters typically include bait, tackle, and some form of refreshment. The best fishing grounds are conveniently near the island, meaning less time spent traveling and more time fishing.

Diving and Snorkeling :

Visibility in the waters around the island typically extends for about 100 feet and sometimes can even reach up to 200 feet. The coral reefs offer a wide variety of sea life, and just off the coast of St. Maarten in the Great Bay lies the wreck of an English battleship dating back to 1801. Dive operators may be found at many of the major resorts and hotels as well as at a number of independent shops around the island. Instruction from beginners to advanced is readily available, and certified divers should remember to bring their licenses as well as their diving logs. Equipment may be rented easily, and snorkeling is especially inexpensive.

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