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Bracken grows in the forest in profusion, as does gorse Houston Map Tourist Attractions , which can be seen in flower almost all the year round. Heather is abundant, particularly Houston Map Tourist Attractions ling, and so is purple moor-grass; one unusual plant to proliferate in the forest is the red fly agaric toadstool, while the moister parts of the forest may yield bog asphodel and marsh gentian. There are many different animals, birds and insects to be seen in the forest: foxes, fallow deer, roe deer, badgers, wood warblers, woodpeckers, stonechats, woodmice, pipistrelle bats, sparrowhawks, Dartford warblers, tree pipits, kestrels, blue butterflies, emperor moths, dragonflies and common lizards.

Adders may also be found in the forest; they are of course poisonous, but very nervous of man – if that is any comfort! There are precious few amenities within the forest area, and I therefore choose to start this ‘best forest walk’ in Hartfield, a most attractive village just outside the forest boundaries, but which, in contrast to the stark remoteness of parts of the forest offers all the creature comforts one could ask for. The village does have two obvious links with the forest, being an old hunting settlement and boasting a shop called Pooh Corner offering every conceivable type of Winnie-the-Pooh memorabilia. A.

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