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Privateer. 1 A privately owned and manned armed ship, Norfolk Map Tourist Attractions which is commissioned by a government to fight or harass enemy ships. 2 The person who owns Norfolk Map Tourist Attractions or captains such a ship. Privy Council. A body of officials chosen by the British monarch as an advisory council to the Crown. Privy Seal.

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Danius Kesminas

Danius Kesminas is a Melbourne artist with a long engagement in popular culture. While he seeks community participation, this is more often about the release of creative energy than building moral structures. One long-term proj ect is a documentation of the way communities in Lithuania are linked by a vodka pipeline.

His Australia work combines the energy of rock music with high art references. In this way, he seeks to attack art’s elitism by popularizing its most privileged secrets. His rock band Histrionics perform songs about revered contemporary artists, like the Thai relational artist Rirkrit Tiravanija who transforms galleries into restaurants. The lyrics follow a familiar tune: I don’t like Rirkrit, no, no/I love him, yeah/I don’t like your bean curd/Don’t mean no disrespect/I don’t like your tofu/If this dish is an art object.’ His work reflects a carnivalesque popularization of elite art, while at the same time confirming shared references within the art world.

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