Best places for winter vacation in China

I was among the first off the bus and was soon Best places for winter vacation in China striding away carrying my backpack and heading along a path towards the far end of the lake Best places for winter vacation in China . To my surprise the lake was frozen over. Sun glistened on the ice and on the very snowy mountains at its far end. It was a breath-taking scene. My speed didn’t slacken until I came to the end of the well-made path and started treading a rougher trail. The track along the lakeshore followed a jumble of rocky headlands divided by grassy coves and another trail higher up ran through pine woods.

The first recorded EVP occurred while Bev and I were waiting for Jeff at Reynolds Cemetery. It said, “Something’s under the car.” What that something was remains unknown, though I wonder if it was the bad ju-ju that caused my video equipment to malfunction.

Next was audio recorded near Susan Holcomb’s grave site. I asked if she’d really killed herself. The response sounded very much like, “No, dumb poor girl.”

In the same location, Jeff was explaining Daniel’s motive for wanting the death of his father and sister, I had asked, “Daniel, did you try and do anything to prevent Jacob from giving the money to Eunice?” Jeff’s audio picked up a clear, “Yes.”

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