Living in Mud Huts in The Israel Desert

Hey everybody welcome for hours we just went past the West Bank on the right which is 45 more minutes, and I can be dead feel the left. Because I have to let us know below if you wanted to go have a little twin, and if you come there more of a float over there the drive being interesting very much dead just not meaning throwing a little rubbery talking coats being open evolved another window alright guys it’s been a couple of hours for it I’d like a truck stop, and literally it’s the desert and, I’m a KERS, and that is it, and it is so hot like it’s cool like that full-on desert heat. So you guys want to map later where we go on the we’re heading south it is so hot here though I could jump down the bus another wall. Because I get market throught it up. So nothing quiggily the world now as welcome to the middle of nowhere we share the middle of Israel in very hot place you you’re probably wondering why we actually came to Israel I just realize three posts in that we never told you.

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So we’re actually here with goeco our favorite volunteer company checking out all of their volunteer projects here, and one of them is that the small little town course Hakeem which has been set up as a tourism town. So there’s all these different type of unique accommodations to try, and make it sustainable for the locals just own some sort of income. Because as, I’m sure you can look around this there’s no sort of agriculture as you can see they can be made here this is so unique. Because look where we’re staying like this is us this is cut into the side of the hill here we’re going to be living here for the next few days this is our car to get around this is the outdoor lounge room with sunken chairs, and then if you come in here this is the lounge room out of the heat. So you can just relax in here, and then we have a bit of a kitchen to make up like our meals. So the damn sure will cook something up later on today, and then, I’ll show you the room.

So this is sort thing here 12 years ago this is being slowly constructed over the course of a decade, and we’ll show you what we’re doing here very shortly the Volunteer State this is our room there’s other rooms down there as well there you go oh yes this is what we are staying in. But is the bed it is volunteering. So it’s not gonna be five start. But this is all part of the experience I think I I just can’t wipe the smile of my face. Because of something cool. So we’ve just got our bed here it’s just a piece of foam mattress there, and we’ve got our sheets which we’re just going to make up this is going to be a godsend oh yeah look at the wall you know when you buy your potatoes this is the bags recycable look at the view Jess we always have to show off the view welcome to Israel everyone yeah part of this project is you’re here to help them build more accommodation. So they can create a sustainable way of life, and all of this was made by other volunteers or helpers we need to speak to the people that run the project.

Because they’ll tell us all the ingredients to create these houses it’s mainly made of mud mixture straw a few other things. But these this is like a family unit. So you can stay in this if you are bringing a couple of people with you come on can see here one can stay here they might have just checked out. So it probably a little bit messy in here we just need is how many P little sneak peak. So as you can see it’s all very Israeli which is amazing. So you can just sit here there’s a fireplace. Because we are in the desert in winter the slaves will get for reasons you got it your lounge room just here yeah people have just checked out this is your bedroom there’s easy all made from clay, and then here is your bathroom operational shower everything if your giving you guys a hotel room tour.

But I think this would be a really unique place to study if you were on holiday to all made by volunteers which is kind of cool too. So you’ve made a hotel yeah this is the outdoor area like a huge chill area, and then they’ve got an outdoor kitchen yeah. So you can prepare your meals here they got everything you need even licensure as employees just leaves at the salt, and then each one has a panic, and I think to the length of time as well each of them have like a quiet area which we will not be using right now it’s quite hot at the moment we are in the queue that’s them they’re also fun fact these mountains over there look you can see it as good foggy that’s Jordan right there, and what a three hour drive you’ll get to Petra. So close but. So far. Because the annoying political unrest is going up we can’t just drive there. So close.

So close Petra. So each of the mud huts has their own unique twist, and this one is probably my favorite the volunteers have made it. So it looks like some guys like keeping it up looks. So cool I couldn’t do that I couldn’t even build a mother let alone like a cool iron. So the coolest little buildings are they hot guys it is like five o’clock, and forth 1 degrees here in the desert that’s a good we’re here in the summertime, I’ll suggest coming spring or autumn we’re crazy we’re going for a hike. Because it is 60 M it is 6 p.m.

. But we’re going for a hike. Because apparently some beautiful views around here it’s actually not too bad right now you know I bet you wants things are in the desert I bet you want to Center up it’s gonna be way cooler true you know they say why can you bring a jump for an electric blanket to the desert we’ve been getting some hiking tips, and apparently the best way to go down the mountain is watch where the water trickles down got a spot I feel like you’re on top of the world with the edge of the world Pike is incredible I was just over there doctor behind the mountain trying to change it up a bit get to the top of book look at those views such unique landscapes of being today like we’ve come from Mars all these broken rock it’s a bit of iron, and it’s a little bit orangey ready. So all of this used to be underwater, and is officially shells in the middle of the desert that’s like oh, and there’s also rocks this color these are volcanic from when they used to be underwater we’ve got volcanic rocks look shelf apparently the shark teeth you can know your final shot mania that’s crazy I think I found the best feeding cattle look at that well now this is one of those moments where they come up and, I’m just like what is our life I appreciate so much that we’re here we’re walking in the middle east in the middle of the Israeli desert what are we doing Stone no this is crazy you guys need to come here honestly hope would change if you effective on Israel. Because this is a fascinating country, and one not many people explore all right we come to our spot to finish reading off the last of the sunset, and we’ve come to a rock you have to use your imagination. But this is a person just in here, and it is a great setting our glue in just a little bit of a canyon as you can see the colors of style in the change what’s more pastels we got. So we do have reception for some reason Hey everybody how you guys do on I can’t remember the last time I woke up before the sunrise we’re here in the middle of the desert in Israel, and we see the moon.

So we were waiting for the Sun to just rise over there. But it is a beautiful time of the day the desert looks. So different this time of the day the pinks, and the blues I just want to sit down. But the Sun will be up soon, and I’ve got coffee to drink. Because we have some work to do today the reason we start. So early in the morning is. Because it can get quite hot here in the Israeli desert we work from about 6:00 a.m. until about 9 a.m. in the morning it’s an early shift. But we’ll be so much work I’ve been trying to work any later than that. So just come down to like the mixing plant of you in a call of that. So you can start preparing some of the mud bricks here, and I see the Sun is just starting to rise son.

So at the moment we’re working on the little kids play area or the workshop if you want to call it as you can see some of the other volunteers has made this absolutely amazing playground for them stairs it’s got a slide as well quickly just reflect on one’s work I have to show you guys around also this is an old car or ute is we call it in Australia, and this is a real car just here, and they’ve made it into like a monster or a crocodile which is amazing for the kids as you can see it is still a proper car you can see the the wheel in there as well some of the creativity that everyone has is just mind-blowing. So what we’re doing is there’s a bit of a bench that we need to finish off. So that when families do come here they have like a bench to sit down, and they can make like little clay figures. So using the cement mixer just here we put a little mixture in here this is more of the complete adventure as you can see we started to layout the bricks, and we’re just putting the final touches on there. So basically I just worthy as this is then take a bunch of mud stick if you again with water very easy to you see small it operation nice, and muddy early in the morning to see your never go I think this one is probably the best helper there you go through many took some water on your hand if you use water would you so much use you really like a plaster yeah all right it comes to makeup station we have some leftover clay we’ve just made up here with the bits of the Dead Sea in here. So it’s meant to be really good for the skin just as jumping straight in there good think how much people take to get is another thing it’s exactly do you know I can wrap it I can drink to doctors that design the paper. Because the ingredients probably you will find something good about it okay yeah, and then I can say it, and we’re just having to defeat the same material now we just made it up just a fresh batch right here let me sit at the makeup station my mirror just here you oh that’s nice anything is really like stuff I like I’ve just done all this like big building manly work, and we’ve ended it with a facial he said like that alrighty back to work we’re going to be making some for excess foam we’re just sitting through the clay lover Jeff is doing her work, and at the same time getting a facial done alrighty we’re making up some some bricks just here we’ve got our pan, and we’re just trying to put it in with such a high density if there’s not too many holes in here.

So that it can be nice, and strong okay now you’ll take it very gently out, and there goes your bricks we started preparing breakfast for the morning we’ve stopped work coffee is flowing hi this is the kitchen that we have having breakfast that is a date, and we haven’t had one here, and is earlier I never had one straight off the tree before let me know what it’s like usually if the color is more Brown, and be sweet oh yeah. So they were like oh no no no it’s red it’s red it’s awesome listeners oh my gosh is so good. So good I love dates they cover them in the bag. So the birds don’t get them below there leave some left of the bed wow that’s nice very delicious try it David is still cause you’re saying this about a month until they’re ready. But I loved a retake ready I’ve never clean an omelet cook like this before kind of omelet in a plate it’s close to choker okay guys we’re about to have a very traditional Israeli breakfast, I’m blown away yes they had salad for breakfast this is called baba ghanoush, I’m so excited to find it it’s like eggplant in the oven, and then it’s got tahini on there, and we all order, and then this is how they do the eggs. So cooked in tomatoes okay let’s turn it before yeah cool this is like I look, and the area is awesome alright guys it is our last night here in scheme.

So the only way to end it I think is to go, and find a place to watch another epic desert sunset we’re heading this way. Because we have heard that there is a little spot that is perfect to watch the sunset on the bench to like perfectly there looks dead sunset reading iced tea is being served just the setting up the time-lapse you guys.

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