Best Travel Destinations Vietnam

Best Travel Destinations Vietnam

Of course, this is what we all usually say and might mean; but, even as a poor, barefoot, black boy growing up in the tough 1940s in Anguilla with my family, there were greater and more memorable times, even without the glamour, glitter, catering, staging and service.

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Watching a goat give birth; holding the kid in your arms; feeding and caring for it daily; seeing it grow from strength to strength into an adult. These were memorable experiences that could never be surpassed.

About the second incident that left a memory, though an unpleasant one. The whole family went into this eerie room in the Magic Kingdom to watch a scary show.

Imagine sitting in a chair; then, a pair of metal arms come down in front of you over your shoulders. You feel locked in. But, if it you feel the arms are pressing down on your shoulders; and, you slide down in your seat a bit; and, then a little more because the arms keep coming downwards, you soon panic. That’s what happened to me! I was literally on my back – sprawled and at my wits end, with my feet out into the passageway – by the time the show was finished!

Other than these two incidents that I experienced, we had a jolly good time at the resort and at the theme park. We all sat and totally enjoyed the Lion King show; indeed had “a spine tingling tour of the dark, haunted mansion”; and, just had so much fun… which is believable!

Over the three days – from the moment of our arrival at the resort to the moment we boarded the shuttle to Port Canaveral to board the Disney Wonder for Disney’s Castaway Cay in the Bahamas -we all had gone through some sort of noticeable transformational change.

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