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So, I’m pretty sure we have said that we’re going to the aquarium a lot, and then we’re going to the aquarium. So you can finally going to the aquarium we’re gonna line up, and get the first Starbucks all the things that we have said we wanted to do get them done today from eating a cheeky kick cap this jacket look how big it was it was like a dollar Oh a merica you have problems gonna take a warning yeah Hey that’s our weird food yesterday’s post still exporting guys. So for future us viewers sorry that it was sort of late yesterday we got home really late, and then this morning I wanted to spend a bit more time of it. So give us a thumbs up if you enjoy yesterday’s post you know what you should give us a thumbs up or someone count how many times we say it’s snowing, and I wanna know how many times we said it’s snowing we said it way too many times, I’ll see if you guys like the absolutely absolutely absolutely random music reach out in our posts give us a comment I think we put a Christmas carol in yesterday.

Map Of Portland And Seattle Usa

So on I think it’s just part of us now we just no big week with eyes like beach music when we’re in the snow it’s what we do bridging the bells yeah chuckles all right let’s get out of here wage a lesson that is not the real story not the rules 1:36 that’s the current orders in this somewhere, and this is the line waiting looks like such a fist will go cut umbrella got a plum pad in it Starbucks what do we do we tip zip Li mo we found you what were you pointing at mom stop embarrassing me as a shark tank the shots the medium I said anyway. So that’s done, and now I think that we have to pack tonight that first I want to go, and have a look in some shops it was. Because when I was in LA I wanted to get some cold things.

Map of Seattle USA Photo Gallery

But they weren’t selling no to selling on hot stuff. But now that we’re in Seattle I had a little peak yesterday, and I saw that they were selling some nice wintry wintry outfits. So we’re going to go thread walking it’s not even raining by me yeah. But the shuttle I see really we be home, and I think we need to start cleaning up the place is filthy I think we’re going to clean up the apartment we’re going to pack. Because we have to leave at 7:00 tomorrow. So I definitely want to pack tonight it’s whatever the pack in the morning and, I’ll show you what I’ve got I also hope you don’t have jackets. Because we’re in Seattle, and it’s cold weather.

Map Showing Seattle Usa

But they had barely any jackets is actually held that I show t-shirt. So I just bought a jacket a t-shirt that I quite thick material. So this is my boyfriend t-shirt yeah she says got a t-shirt anyway, and I think, I’ll put some dinner on cleanup. Because it is room it’s pretty dirty you know no I realized alright let’s get packing let’s get cleaning I don’t think I do an invited Henry to Seattle. But he has decided to come along Henry get away good evening guys we haven’t really done much we’ve just packed our bags give me a pop in a bit of a clean, and yeah it just started editing today’s post. Because we’re just relaxing, and then just it just started doing some work just, and Henry, and now we’re just sitting down, I’m just relaxing in that last night in Seattle. Because tomorrow we are moving to Vancouver we be moving.

Map Of West Coast Usa Seattle

So we’re actually gonna be basing ourselves for three months, and Vancouver yeah pretty much gonna be living there I suppose sorry boss oh Henry six weeks of non-stop travel I guess is up for the moment yeah. But we’ll still have some exciting stuff for you guys plan roses, and can work on some new stuff some new projects which we have in the pipeline which you’ll probably announce in the next few weeks.

Map Of Usa States Seattle

But thanks so much for the support guys over the last six weeks it’s been fantastic well yeah really appreciate it all thanks guys one last bind America come back give us a thumbs up or give us a comment on what your favorite like destination wrote tivity we did over the last six weeks, and also if you’re from Vancouver or know stuff about Vancouver you should tell us what to do you have three whole months there are you or monsters waiting know everything you suggest yeah alrighty guys good night guys, and goodbye from Henry’s you.

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