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We don’t see buildings like this that are hundreds of years old with the balconies, and the old architecture of the history the history of this country this land the civil wars the food the music the dance the art, it’s all giving me goosebumps.

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I think. I could live here. I think.

I want to live here variety truly is the spice of life. How might Spain, and Portugal season yours sometimes the true local happenings require a truly local guide you have to if you have warm plates you can put on the top but he’s mainly for decoration Philippe is exceptional she is knowledgeable she takes care of everything before we can even think of things to take care of use that to build to our she’s funny she’s warm she’s been such a wonderful ambassador to this area I’ll come back just. Because of her my name is Philippe. I’m Portuguese.

I’m from Lisbon. I’ve been working with green circles since this trip every day there is a marvelous thing to do not only from the historical point of view from the natural point of view every day. I think that, it’s a surprise Andalusia is one of Spain’s autonomous communities comprised of eight provinces that stretch across the south of the country here at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea on the Costa del Sol or coast of the Sun lies the city of Malaga its history stretches back, years making it one of the oldest cities in the world we also see where Picasso was born.

So some of the masterpieces that you cannot find anywhere else can be found in Malaga he sees the world in a way that. I can never see it unless. I’m looking at one of his paintings he wanted to be a better painter he uses many different kinds, and then of course that you can see all different kinds different colors you can see exactly the tools that he’s using his gluing a little bit of those pieces of his ear celebrating semana santa the holy week before easter dates back to the th century in spain the catholic church was searching for a simpler way of bringing The Passion of Christ to the people they turned to art the tradition continues today with religious Brotherhood’s organizing evening parades featuring Passos elaborate floats with carved sculptures but whatever is covered in plastic is a meal with a local family in Salinas is the best way to taste the Spanish flavors of food, and language bonita thank you for having us coming here to spend in portugal with brent circle means that you’re coming to experience the country you’re not just a tourist you’re a traveler is you’re a person that is coming is going to have many different discoveries learning experiences delicacy your receiver con mucho would ya teacher is there one of the house which is very pleased to receive us in her house very vital anytime that we wanted to come in we are mothers years old Thibodeaux potatoes string beans, and everything else coming brother oh.

I love material beautiful setting beautiful love the royal palace right almost in Raleigh where the most compelling oh these are typical things from Malaga oh. I love these things almonds mixed in olive oil everything during olive oil everyday, it’s a surprise. I have goose bumps every day what reaction will you have as you dive into the Spanish way of life.

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