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Steering and driving the canoe with a double-bladed paddle Best vacation destinations in China is certainly simpler than using a wooden one-bladed type. Another blizzard blew up and Best vacation destinations in China since it was late in the day I stopped as soon as I found a hut where I could shelter. It was a cold but uneventful night, and the next day began with that crystal sunshine you only find at high altitudes. The air was as crisp and pure as the cry of a falcon. By mid-morning I’d gone through a section of brown shale mountains, seeming bleached of all colour. Bare rock, sometimes banded with whites and reds, and no plants except sparse spiky brush.

Marilyn Fischer, President of the Gulliver Historical Society, explains why she believes Captain Joseph Townshend remains at the lighthouse.

These ladies and others from the Seul Choix Historical Society have done an outstanding job of maintaining one of Upper Michigan’s most historic and beautiful lighthouses. It’s through dedicated people like Marilyn, Shirley and Polly that our state’s past is kept alive. We want to thank all of those who volunteer their time to support such a worthwhile cause.

After getting acquainted we invited the ladies to share their stories of ghostly activities. They were happy to do so.

According to Marilyn the most common occurrences are cold spots and unusual smells, especially the pungent odor of cigar smoke. She equates the cigar smoke to Captain Joseph “Willie” Townshend, the second lighthouse keeper and resident spirit. It seems the captain loved cigars, but his wife forbid him to smoke in the house. Now his spirit smokes indoors whenever he chooses.

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