How I spent 5 amazing days in Hobart

Tasmania has been one of my dream destinations for a really long time. The stunning nature, mountains, parks and wild beaches are just the beginning. Thinking about the lush vineyards and white sands is enough to get a taste of Tasmania’s untapped beauty. Once I had an occasion to visit Tasmania, I didn’t hesitate and hopped on an amazing 5-day adventure in Hobart. Here are some things that I found really amazing during my trip.

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Sullivans Cove

The Hobart Waterfront is great to visit any time of the day. It’s always full of people busy enjoying themselves in many bars and eateries which offer some of the best seafood I’ve ever tried. Sullivans Cove is also a dock for catamarans, and a point of departure for water taxis and ferries – which is a most picturesque way to reach this place.

I spent hours walking round and trying different foods and drinks and made sure to come back in the evening to admire the beauty of Sullivans Cove at nighttime – I never regretted my choice!


This is probably one of the most impressive cultural offerings in Hobart. MONA stands the Museum of Old and New Art and it’s actually Australia’s largest private museum. Built into the face of a sandstone cliff, this underground gallery is a remarkable space. As I spiraled my way downstairs, I honestly felt like Alice in Wonderland.

The owner of MONA, David Walsh describes the museum as a “subversive adult Disneyland” – and it perfectly sums up my impressions of the collection that focuses on love, sex and death. Plus, reaching MONA with a direct ferry from Brooke Street Pier is a great experience on its own.

Mount Wellington (Kunanyi)

All it takes is a 20-minute drive from downtown Hobart and you find yourself at the very top of Mount Wellington. 1270-meter high, the mountain towers over Hobart’s harbor and it’s definitely a must-see. It’s really easy to reach and it offers spectacular views on the city and the breathtaking Tasman Peninsula.

Driving up the mountain was just amazing – I had to pass through entire sections completely covered with fog. I felt as if I was driving through the clouds.

Salamanca Market

Loved by locals and visitors alike, this market is definitely a must-see. It’s been running every Saturday since 1973! I was amazed to see over 300 vendors selling everything from coffee and freshly baked treats to flowers and local produce.

I love handicraft and hand-made jewelery, so I felt like in heaven. The area itself is very beautiful – rows of Georgian sandstone warehouses were transformed into galleries, restaurants and trendy boutiques.

I liked the area so much that I’ve decided to inquire about property prices in different areas of Hobart. A friend reccommended OpenAgent to me and this is where I found a real estate agent able to help me find a flat that was just perfect for my needs.

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Covering an area of 14 hectares, these amazing gardens are a real treat for all nature lovers. They were established almost 200 years ago – in 1818. The plant and tree collections are breathtaking – many of them actually date back to the 19th century.

The Gardens house impressive collections of Tasmanian plants – among them the unusual King’s Lomatia – and offer a unique Subantarctic Plant House. Just perfect for relaxing after a busy day in the city.

My trip to Hobart was amazing – I’ve seen beautiful natural sights, ate plenty of mouthwatering food, drank delicious wine and shopped at most beautiful locations. All in all, I expected to bring back amazing memories from Tasmania, but Hobart really stole my heart!

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