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A morning on the river docking in Kokomo German heightens the sense of romance international artists have often traveled here pulled by the towns. This is what makes it special is the the magic of the scenery, and the wildlife the sounds just being here quietly in the middle of another world even the mist is perfect especially if it lifts by the afternoon well we’re looking forward to see in the little town in the castle, it’s beautiful, it’s like out of a fairy tale that you look at here’s a castle oh my god that’s what. We’ve always that wonderful here’s what.

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I believe strolling up the cobbled entryway of cochem castle you can easily fall under a spell of enchantment well our plans for today include going up to Coral Castle that is the castle you see right behind me, it’s not a truly medieval castle it has been destroyed was redirected in the nineteenth century in a romantic style. So you could get the impression that Errol Flynn is just coming around the corner any minute finally the cafe was totally destroyed by French traps of the famous sign King Louie the first historic mention of this castle is when it was recorded as a gift to a nephew by the Queen it was just amazing all the different carvings in the wood, and furniture a mermaid lamp hangs from the ceiling rubbing her red belly any wish may come true well. I thought they’d bring me black is the only thing.

I want any more than anything hell. I was at a rokoko castle yesterday was very beautiful very ornate. This is very medieval heavy structure.

So, it’s fantastic red-coated musicians on the public square mystify johann the program director where are they from we have dispatch you’re playing. I will go, and find out if you are much like officer of the day. So ladies, and gentlemen.

I just talked to a few locals, and the local said the band is not local they’re from the Netherlands, and they just enjoy coming here the program directors have really given us. So much information, and then they’re always ready to tell you whatever you want to know over, and above their eyes operating a winepress, and it’s a billy goat who got stuck in the winepress the billy goat was seen eating white grapes they wanted to punish him in the winepress but when the red juice was flowing out this proved his innocence, it’s beautiful. I think this would be the place I’d probably choose to live if.

I was living in Germany between this staircase, and the ship is that mustard mill there you may who’s a master art tasting the historic mustard mill of Coca established in produces about pounds of mustard dill, and recommending here. I don’t know. I think this dig in think I’ll try the Cabernet, it’s got something in it spices or something.

I love we love mustard in the US right we love mustard but, it’s just zero French’s you know yellow mustard. This is great. Because we’re getting a lot of different flavors yeah they’re really rare that’s kind.

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