Travel Guide to The Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya

Drama on the Mara stage as nature creates a new life a newborn tummy makes its debut struggling to its feet but mom doesn’t make it easy constantly walking away forcing her baby to balance, and walk a dangerous time for the newborn there are always predators on the prowl looking for an easy meal, and a white back voter threatens The Jackal is still lurking waiting to pounce less than two hours old but, it’s already much steadier on its feet almost breaking into a run.

Travel Guide to The Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya Photo Gallery

But it’ll be a couple of weeks before it will be speedy enough to be safe, and the vulture sees its meal tottering off. So departs the banks of the river lined with these monsters waiting for the crossing but this time in vain taupey, and termite mounds are inseparable usually topi sentinels are males advertising their territorial status the migration is reversing direction the rains have come early to the southern plains, and somehow the Ville to be a zebra, and their fellow trekkers have sensed it.

So they’re heading back to the lush grasses of the Serengeti in Tanzania the Mara crossing won’t happen, and the Crocs won’t make a killing the Predators don’t care which way they go they’ll just follow a lioness takes it easy in the shade of a wild olive tree she knows she can pick up a meal whenever she needs to no matter where you look there are hordes of animals constantly on the move sometimes a calf gets lost in the multitudes, and its mother will chase around searching the herd in a panic.

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