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The Okavango Delta stretches more than, square miles across the Kalahari Desert in Botswana each year nearly trillion gallons of water pour into the Delta providing a lush landscape for its residents hippos spend the days submerged in the Delta waters while on land the mighty lion soaks up the Sun yeah. I’m going to arid Plains marshy wetlands, and a vast network of channels all waiting to be explored my name is mr.

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T Tonawanda, and we’re local guy here in the Delta to become a guide that was a dream from my very eyes because. I was living in an area with her. How odd almost like elephant zebras from their very ya age, and that inspired me to become a guide after my my high school. I decided to go to a college not to study protect the definition, and what most of the armor that we we do have lot Alma’s that we have here which is very very important this area is different from other part of the country because.

This is the inland Delta or the wetland area that we have here at the side of there of the country we call elephants the mixed bugsy de armas there is in be they feed on different stuff of food if we look carefully on the elephant ah you can pick up some different stuff like this one. This is a branch undigested branch. This is Gracia, and digested grass, and carefully looking again we can pick up some leaves from the L offender that shows that elephant the about mixed feeders they feed on different stuff or food leaves branches fruits soil they were very lucky in the Okavango Delta southern Africa displays its tremendous diversity of species including the largest population of elephants on earth the culture, and people here are also truly inspirational what will you remember from your ultimate African adventure.

This is a young boy bring up me ahead go looking after kettle into the bushes Lily. How he can Nemo survive with with Elmer’s it actually made me more interested even now. I never get bored you know to actually put my life into no stay with wildlife, and love them to death the only animal that even now. I’m really scared of a buffalo never mock charge while other animals like an elephant a hippo more agile, and the Buffalo will never, it’s very easy very very short we once he walked into buffalos, and our well we end up you know up in the tree, and we never knew. How it went up tree was it was just very big Buffalo hunter the challenge is that we are looking at at the moment would be if we have lack of a lack of flood then this will affect the Okavango Delta in terms of the channels they won’t have to adapt Dakota the other challenges are to be we are also may be facing will be the conflict which will they the wildlife anatomy with the people if the domestic armas are coming furthermore into the context where there’s also life then this will probably upset the farmers other fact.

So this sort of like a challenge which will be up to the face but if there’s more water, and more rain then this will probably be use then the number of the domestic animals coming right it alert probably very interesting the sunsets over the jewel of the Kalahari the calm, and tranquility back in for one last paddle of the day.

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