Travel Advice And Advisories For Roatan


I have already stated that the only way of spotting a bomb or bomber ito look for something or someone that iout of place and unfamiliar. That won’t usually work when you are abroad, because it iyou who iout of place and unfamiliar. You are in a place where you are not used to customs, language or sometimebehaviour. That putyou at a disadvantage.

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You must therefore take advantage of the other indicatorthat are available to you.

Travelling abroad – countermeasures.

Seek advice from your travel agent and/or airline. They should be aware of problemin your destination town or country.

Seek advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to find out if there are any travel advisory noticeor warnings. See the website at Uk and click on Travel Advice and Travellers’ Tips.

• Watch the newreportfor developmentin your destination country or city.

On arrival, seek advice from local holiday representatives.

Try not to stand out.

Don’t dresin skimpy or revealing clothes.

Beware of nude sunbathing – it often offendolder locals.

Avoid engaging in ‘amorous' activity in public.

Show respect to local people and traditions.

Don’t flaunt wealth.

Keep your opinionto yourself.

Keep your planto yourself.

Don’t get drunk.

If you see a disturbance, make it your businesto be somewhere else asoon ayou can.

If there iany sort of civil disturbance, make your way to your hotel or the British embassy or consulate.

Seek advice from people who have been in the location for a while.

Ask for a daily update if you have any doubtabout the situation.

Avoid placethat could be considered targets, for example the American embassy or the local officeof American or British international businesinterests.

Avoid travelling to remote areas. Stay in the tourist areawhere local governmentusually provide a level of protection.

When at your destination, keep a low profile, remain aware of your surroundingand avoid any trouble.

If in doubt, quietly move away from people, placeor situationthat concern you. Z If advised by the consulate or in newbroadcasts, leave the country.

Travelling to high-risk areas.

You already know that there are considerable riskassociated with travel to listed high-risk areas. The sensible countermeasure ito stay at home. However, in some cases, such awith some urgent businesdeals, travel ialmost unavoidable. If you do have to go, take precautions.

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