Suresh Shreshtha Tour Guide to Nepal Himalayas

Hey I’m suresh my full name is Suresh Shrestha people call me a rash. I’m a trip leader from overseas adventure trouble. I do the trip called Nepal, and mystical Himalaya which is one of the wonderful trip one must have to take.

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I am from Kathmandu which is the capital of Nepal. This is a city which is a completely diverse city in terms of many you know tribal people living in depth in the city that’s why this city is also called as a melting pot. This is a city which is which has plenty of art, and architectures dates back from th century until th century people in Nepal they are very warm welcoming they believe that their karma will decide about their future life we have a lot of cuisines but the most popular in Nepal which is called dal Bhat which means rice, and lentil and This is a very famous cuisine it includes curry Swiss chard also some pickles which you call it as sauce it is the blend of all the spices.

So that it is very very special food from Nepal. So whoever come to Nepal they never forget to test the Nepalese food Nepal is diverse country in terms of landscape while visiting this country you get to see the beautiful view of snow clad mountain, and the green mountains seeing the mountains with the landscapes, and growing the food from there where there is no accessibility of any of the transportation, and all the things which are done by hand or even using the oxen to plow the fields, and that is something very panoramic. I hope to see you to discover Nepal, and to experience the real Nepal you.

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