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Hey everyone we are leaving sorry for the construction we’re leaving soon Avila, and we’re heading back to the capital for a nice.

Because that’s close to Vietnam. But we’re just pretty much jumpy not another public bus there, and I think it’s like 505. But luckily again we got an iced mocha in our bag every time I see them I like a normal car crashing on the couch I would come back to the same amazing spot that the last time we came through this road oh my gosh there’s some baby chickens joining us for breakfast hello where’s your mum guys I have a confession to make I feel like we’re really failing on the Asian food at the moment we’ve completely given up we’ll move straight on to Western food I’ve got myself a latte a Fanta, and a cheese, and tomato big gap. But it’s so good though oh my gosh we’re back in the capital, and it is hot is that last day in Cambodia by the way ah this is our little quarters back remember him from last time thank you the hotel god bless the lower floor last time we were on the sixth floor now we’re only on the third floor, I’m so exhausted welcome to let the other flying the moon you have to tell Ian already we arrived back in phenom penh, and we’ve come to like tappers place called friends this looks pretty good then we’re now at company, and we we all have like free time till 2:30. So Stephen I’ve come out for lunch, and this really cool places I could tap this place on a friend, and you just choose a couple of things, I’ll bring it out. So you can try everything, and look how big their veggie section is which is pretty awesome. So like vegetarian fish, and seafood, and then meat order a couple of things, and they’re gonna just bring us a table.

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So it’s gonna get a couple of veggie item yeah. So we went to three dishes we’ve got a little bit East Island we bought a taco salad you grow corn black-themed, and creamy coriander birthday this one turkey eggplant garlic, and coriander pepper multigrain. But sounds incredible, and then we go to cheesy pasta it is penne we roasted chilies, and cashew nut pesto, and it’s poured out another move for us we didn’t even order it loosen nuts under seriously guys ever had this is so flavor serving it yeah come here guys amazing there’s also nonprofit organization restaurant. So a lot of the proceeds go, and you feel good about yourself like the best food I’ve had the inspired delicious, I’ll make some art all right don’t judge I know we just tried for Mills we did get an epic doggy bag though look how much repeating way with us we couldn’t finish it. But we also kind of got some some passion fruit, and how cool is it’s a little passion fruit fruit tart, and then you’ve got ice cream inside a passion fruit that is presentation very small adventures on a local ferry cost about 25 cents, and we going to a place Buddha lipsti Island to check out there you find there’s the Mekong River well there’s only the only tourists on this ferry by the way are you not full from lunch, and this is taro who is telling us around yeah we all support along our yeah these world silkworm states, and more lead on this one, and these are mulberry leaves this is made from the cocoons, and then let go a foot, and then push it in, and then change foot yeah, and then put sure put your feet up push it, and then put it forward one yep, and in turn he’s got it he’s making a scarf how crazy does this look. So, I’m complicated to set up well you got it.

So setup like this would take like four to five days to make, and with that much silk on it will make like 50 scarves while you really turn like appreciate how hard it is to, and labor making scarves right never knew this yeah oh my goodness looks like wow, I’m not even gonna try this one you guys really surprised that where the Cambodian temples seems to be the theme for this entire trip the reason why is there’s over 4,000 of them in Cambodia that was such a super relaxing way to end the day, and in our day in Cambodia I enjoyed that. So we ended up having quite the travel day today, and we’re gonna have quite the travel day tomorrow we’re going into Vietnam tomorrow we’re gonna Ho Chi Minh City, and I think it’s about a six or seven-hour bus ride is it right speed no it’s gonna be a long day full of traveling. But we have never been to Vietnam this is our first time experiencing that country. So, I’m excited to check it out. So we’re gonna be saying goodbye to Cambodia hello Vietnam the end of the post. So we’ll see you tomorrow in Vietnam.

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