Forty five dollars to swim 2,000 meters in between a layover from Doha to New York City well worth that no question asked well worth it Biff is it a long time coming for about say hello to Sawyer is October 20th 2018 from Doha International Airport it’s like 1 o’clock in the morning actually let me check what time it is right now it’s 12:20 in the morning. So it just turned the 20th of October, and today is my dad’s birthday. So dad if you’re reading this happy birthday from Doha I have a four hour layover in Doha, and last time I was here going to the Maldives I showed you guys that there’s a pool at the airport. So, I’m gonna change into my speedo, and go for a swim forty five dollars to swim two thousand meters in between a layover from Doha to New York City well worth that no question asked well worth it it blows my mind that in 2018 you can do a swim workout at an airport during a layover at one o’clock in the morning in an empty airport nonetheless there’s no one else here there’s maybe three other guys in the pool kind of just hanging out there is a hot tub oh oh yeah I have never been this relaxed in my life and, I’m at an airport I know I keep saying the fact, I’m in an airport. But I am in an airport right now oh you’re going in it’s very warm, I’m with David I mentioned that, and Adrian, and Johannes from the trip the four of us flew in the Doha yo.hannes Artie left he went back to Norway Adrian’s here for eight hours, and we have like a two-hour layover yo now we’ve got the bubbles going I have no intentions of even posting any of this. But this is turning into something that is too good to not post I have the feeling that people have no clue that this even exists in the airport.


Because it’s way on the top the very top of the airport it’s a loft that goes across the ceiling, and anyone can come up here all you have to do is pay $45 you can use the spa the pool in the gym for the whole time you’re here let’s keep exploring what else do we have in here oh my gosh they have a massage parlor be like a new man how do you feel David ready to conquer the world oh there for a 12-hour flight back to New York City yeah. But this was well worth if you are ever in Doha it’s worth it it’s just worth it I mentioned it’s my dad’s birthday, and we have this tradition where every birthday we try to spend our birthdays together. Because my dad is on the 20th, I’m on the 21st by like I think I was born at 12:20 on the 21st. So I just miss having the same birthday as my dad. So it’s almost like a little tradition that we always celebrate our birthdays together if you’re reading this happy birthday from Doha I wish you were here after all the traveling, I’m gonna have to go home, and we can celebrate then like a like a fake celebration you ready David to the terminal this is the main terminal, and then over here up at that top area that’s where the pool is so if you didn’t know like if you’re just walking you can’t tell that there’s a pool there you have to come to these elevators right here in the corner you go to these elevators you take it to the fourth floor that’s where the pool is. But we’re going to go to our gate now, and get on our second flight to New York City like this way it’s always a tease you walk on an airplane, and you walk right into first class, and it’s like nope nope nope keep going back to economy 38 see oh nice I have an aisle seat that’s good that’s good news New York City we’re back you have any final words on the trip awesome trip man glad I went I was kind of debating whether I shouldn’t have gone.

But, I’m really glad I did yeah it was a killer time, and also again thank you for saving the posts with the camera this is David’s camera I’ve been using for the past seven days, I’ll probably either be using my GoPro or my iPhone. So we’ll see next stop is LaGuardia this is my girlfriend our Ella like introduce people on blogs, and everything. So nice though. So basically I mentioned flew into JFK now we’re at LaGuardia for another flight, and you guys saved the day oh yeah you should come to Stanford Connecticut seriously I never bit oh you’ll love it yeah what an adventure. So here I am with a surfboard heading to Toronto Canada in the past 24 hours I have been to five countries Canada will be six hands down this is the longest travel day I have ever had, and it’s not even done yet it’s just getting started okay I just got to Toronto, and I am so out of that off my passport on the goddamn plane hello yeah I left my passport on the plane oh yes that’s me oh thank you sir for your lifesaver I thought I lost it wait no, I’m here for two days thank you again okay thank you so much my gosh, I’m so sleepy I can’t post it. So we are here now we’ll look whoever, and until my flight yet tada.

So see, I’m so white. But it’s like I can’t be in a shop anyone else like whoa the one on the only sad ichi trip in new york city, and now we’re going to get in our car with these nice people, and go to the hotel. So by some miracle I have a postging camera, I’m not selling my cell phone this is been a long time coming for about say hello to Sawyer you’ll be seeing more me. Because, I’m hopping on their trip to Indonesia they don’t even know about that yet you just did secret’s out I want to let you know this is probably not relevant you talked about that I found the drugstore here yeah it’s like 10 feet away everyone say hello to Kent again hey everyone has been suspended for couple months or something like that it’s been some time this is Josh he makes some of these tickets he started the whole band in a trend on he’s the founder right here it’s a good thing yeah let’s do it let’s do it long story short I have a postging camera, I’m in Toronto, I’m still awake for whatever the hell reason, and look who, I’m finally meeting it in person what’s up guys I think they know who you are ready well actually Eric kind of featured me on a blog that was probably about two three months ago now yeah briefly seen my face. But yeah I make travel content, and very shortly right after Toronto Eric, and I, and Laura, and sounds like literally a squad of rs now are all going to Indonesia. So it’s going to be. So awesome it’s happening like this is gonna be 2.0 no offense to like you laughter we’re good oh that’s a high bar cuz the maldives men the maldives, I’m still not high camp we got goodnight yo-yo meters the running total is getting close to 40 hours of being awake with zero sleep, I’m in the hotel room now, I’m finishing up some more kid Phil everyone in I am at buffer fest in Toronto it’s a festival this is my first festival. So this is kind of a big deal, I’m so pumped even tonight just walking around I said on the Maldives trip. But it just to be around people that inspire you there’s nothing better than that in the whole world. But on that note, I’m getting some sleep tomorrow is my birthday how about that. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worry less, and live your passion.

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