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Europe’s Low Countries Belgium, and the Netherlands offer colorful new experiences just a step or two from a boat immersed in this culture what are a few the discoveries ahead for centuries the winds from the adjacent North Sea have powered pumps to control water levels Dutch windmills use canvas sails, and were hand oriented to face the wind in addition to pumping water mills were used to grind corn cut wood, and recently to generate commercial electricity the waterway to amsterdam showcases windmills from the st to the th centuries the Dutch crafted their houses deep, and narrow to minimize taxes calculate on the frontage or width of a home the resulting narrow staircases were difficult for moving furniture. So exterior hooks help winch goods in, and out of windows Keukenhof is the world’s largest flower garden, and grows over seven million tulips across acres the name means kitchen garden Keukenhof is the world’s largest flower garden, and grows over million tulips across acres the name means kitchen garden in medieval days it supplied herbs to a countess living in a castle the ISIL Mir is the largest lake in Western Europe it was created in when an inland sea was contained by the completion of a mile long Dam a short sale from Amsterdam across the inland lake lies the village of thousand a prosperous fishing centre, and trading posts settled in in the mid th century, and cowson was at the peak of its power one of the most significant port cities in the Netherlands.

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I love to share places that. I am proud of with others and I love to get people away from what it is they do on a day to day basis, and yeah just shock them sometimes here. This is a plant you do not want to touch you’re going to get a rash interesting to know though is that in the Netherlands we actually make a soup of this plant the plant by the way in Dutch is called Brampton natal, and in English it would be burning nettle would be the English name for it okay.

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So let’s start walking straight ahead along this defensive wall that we see here not a military defensive wall but a ocean or sea defensive wall. So it does not really defend against any possible attacks from foreign armies the higher part has been built in the th century but originally it was part of the city fortification. So there was a big wall all around the city the wall has been there broken down but they kept defensive gates if you want to head back to the ship the easiest way to do.

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So is just go straight here over the bridge, and there you see a beautiful gateway the Netherlands has the densest network of inland waterways in Europe about, miles of rivers, and canals many canals allow drainage as well as navigation forming a complex hydro system that reaches into all regions of this lowland country.

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