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The rock-hewn temples of southern india overlook the shimmering Bay of Bengal hidden artisan shops craft veena string instruments there’s. So much here to see that. I would.

I could stay for a very long time, and see things every day. I just think it if, it’s someplace. I’ve never seen.

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I want to see us. I want to see what it looks like and I want to see. How do people live from thousand-year-old Chola temples surrounded by devout worshippers to local markets were ginger, and tamarind spices are sold what discoveries await you in search of the soul of India passing through the granite go piron’s or gates reveals the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bree hadith para India’s largest temple you can’t imagine. How they could build us today let alone hundreds, and hundreds of years ago beautiful carving great detail just amazing this sacred Bowl statue is the temple gatekeeper known as Nandi cut from a single rock Nandi measures feet long, and feet high in Ossining, it’s that gamma Pradhan ivara you know most of it, it’s something that you take in a little by little then you have to think about it. I think.

This is the feminine goddess form of wild boar, and it is believed to be the most powerful, and family deity we also enjoy getting to know the leader of the group Sudha way to gives me a free passport to show my own country that way. I’m very happy he has a deep love of his region, and his country, and it comes through in everything that he says characteristic of southern India these chola dynasty bronze statues depict shiva dancing in an Oriole of flames balancing over a demon who symbolizes ignorance. Because historic themes that are approached in a different way please come inside look at the carving yeah.

This is a work done by this family. This is the first piece, and they carve out like this. This is the jackfruit tree, and the next two pieces you can see here this one is on the piece and This is the third piece you can see here complete carving, and either special wood walk.

This is a traditional walk he said the neck, and face plate of a veena a traditional Tamil Nadu instrument are made of teak wood the instruments bridges can be made from deer horn or ebony there are three things young one is the school up to what six grades first, and then we have the main or fridge, and then we have the old age home, it’s fun going to the schools, and meeting children, and seeing. How teaching is different around the world but. How very much it is the same along with other orphanages throughout India the Venkateshwara orphanage provides a home in schooling to some of India’s astounding twenty five point seven million children without parents. This is not an orphanage like. I’ve ever seen, it’s an orphanage where the old look after the young is there Abel an orphanage for the young look after each other, it’s an orphanage for children without families make the family of his children very happy that someone is taking care of these children, and it’s all your support, and with all your motivation you can see from the teachers eyes the this gets transformed into their young cake pies, and it’s.

Because you come here they get motivated, it’s not anything else. I’m a child psychiatrist and I enjoy seeing kids being taken care of they could be abandoned in the streets, and they’re not, it’s a heartwarming idea they are generous warm-hearted, and in every way with dignity welcomed us, it’s only as. I step out of my routine, and out of my regular life that.

I’m challenged to imagine other lives, and it helps me to understand my world better, and to feel more empathy for the rest of the world on a journey through a land of spirit, and spice southern India is a feast for all the senses my name is said sedessa notch re Murali living in Tiruchirappalli a religious center from Tamil Nadu India working as a trip leader for overseas adventure travel for the program soul of India as. I was born in a religious place with the family background which were very spiritual, and it showed me. How to be interested in archaeology in the tradition in the spirituality to put the things in a simple form to the travelers who comes to South India in India the changes goes on, and on, and on it is a developing country it has been developing rapidly as the whole world has been witnessing modernization cannot be accepted always but it plays an important role for the travelers to understand the affection, and the reality of what India is each has its own unique future medulla you feel the vibration once you get into the temple touching the mother goddess has got very high value which each one has to feel in Tamil novel we have a grand circle foundation site visit which is an orphanage whenever we go to this side the travelers they become. So emotional.

Because of the children, and the senior citizen who comes shows their affection smiling all the time, and by this way both of them the travelers the understands India, and the personal connection that comes across which is really unique. I welcome you to see the soul of India which is full of color contrast, and of course which is very important the emotion you.

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