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Anxiously scanning the water I saw it nearby and managed to Best travel destinations in China paddle with my hands and retrieve it. Fortunately at this point the river was not fast Best travel destinations in China , and although there were some long, semi-turbulent stretches, they looked rougher than they really were. At one of the quieter pools I stopped to have a short rest and munch on some of the dried food that I still carried. It was rather idyllic. I doubted that the river had ever been run before, since for most of the year it’s swollen and totally unnavigable. But being the first wasn’t important, I wasn’t trying to achieve anything.

Continuing along this lonely road, there was movement in the trees. A family of deer appeared. Kat turned on her video camera and captured the deer as they took a leisurely stroll across the dirt road. I asked if she got them. In disgust she replied, “Through the bug splattered window. Maybe we’ll spot them again when we get to the on top of the lighthouse.”

I agreed, “That would be an awesome shot.”

Through the trees the imposing tower of Seul Choix Point Lighthouse appeared. Surrounded by deep blue sky and puffs of white clouds, it was a photographer’s dream. It looked pretty darn good considering it was built in 1895.

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