Mark Zheng Form Xian Tour Guide to China

Hey My name is Mark Jan.

I’m working for a grand circle as the program director for the China against a river trip so I was born in the city cause she on which is a very ancient city famous for the Terracotta Warriors. I remember.

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I went here with my parents. I asked my parents a mom, and dad can tell me. How those clay warriors the standing on the ground for thousands of years. I have a lot of questions after.

I grown up. I learn more about that history. So even today.

I always stand in a front and I always take a look at least at one specific worries because. I can read your eyes and I believe they can read my eyes so I really touched by that very impressive project our ancestor our Chinese people make back to two thousand years ago.

I was born during the Cultural Revolution. So personally. I really witnessed those are changes my parents.

Because they were the engineers work in the factories. So they were relocated to the countryside by the government, and working as a neighbors, and many years later we moved back to the city, and the men here is working the same factories they used to Chinese family life changed a lot before every Chinese families could have a lot of children because. I burnt our traditional Chinese more children more happiness but the government started to practice the one-child policy since.

So to today most of families only have a one kid. So this kind of structure of the family really different from most American family structure, and we have a different kind of concept of the family value. I’m looking forward to show you around my beautiful country china is waiting for you to discover you.

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