Edison Chikukwa Namibia Tour Guide

My name is Edison chuka. I’ve been working for ohe for the past years. I grew up in a village which is called mucosal village.

I grew up along a river this area reminds reminds me of when I was a little boy when I was six seven years old and I used to do fishing, and swimming in the river with his crocodile say sometimes you see elephants crocodiles you can see people’s there’s quite a lot of those that you can see.

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This is a first paradise there’s quite a lot of fish that you can catch along this river last time when I was here caught a big tiger fish, and you can catch catfish bottlenose. I trained to be a mechanic a qualified mechanic but.

I didn’t want it to spend the whole time in the workshop. I liked this work for Veda. This is the lodge that is very close to the community in less than meters.

You’ll be at the village you can meet the village you can mingle with them. This is the temp for travellers to do a lot of learning, and discovery you can also walk to the school which is closed as well. I love this job you.

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