Miami Vacation – Little Havana vs South Beach

Most adventures begin, and end the same way. But it’s how you utilize that time in between which determines your story the problem is especially in a place like Miami you can easily be conflicted on what to do one side of me was determined to get out, and explore a new area the city, I’m familiar with. But a neighborhood I know nothing about Little Havana I was excited to meet my local guy Karina to learn about the area’s culture, and start off my day with a traditional Cuban coffee meanwhile the other side of me had less ambitious plans for the morning this sigh believes that the beauty of Miami lies, and never having to leave the property across town Domino Park fills up fast, and playing at one of these tables offers up conversations, and experiences far from my own I love ah it’s a parallel universe to the Marco Polo game going on back at the hotel in Little Havana there’s a story behind every door inspiring artwork created by artists within the community.

Miami Vacation – Little Havana vs South Beach Photo Gallery

And I’m able to just randomly walk in the witness, and discuss his life’s work at the same time the other side of me finds inspiration within other forms of storytelling with the food the food of little havana exploring the neighborhood I discovered fresh fruit deliciously prepared traditional Latin dishes the famous Cuban sandwich, and even some homemade Cuban ice cream I get it though sometimes you just want to eat a fish sandwich at a Cabana by the pool nothing wrong with that. But there’s nothing compared to immersing yourself into a foreign environment the joys of travel always come down to the connection with people, and if you can help them out on a shift at a local fruit truck even better yeah we know Thank You Ted gusto, and at the same time maybe you’re always around people, and you travel to disconnect, and just be free as a bird.

But when the Sun Goes Down that’s when Lilla Havana really eats up clubs like ball, and chain, and Akuma yeah a great places to go out. But I decided to spend the night working on my Cuban salsa, and if that’s a little too much activity for your liking there’s always a spot at the hotel bar for some good laughs, and a few craft cocktails whatever side of the bed you woke up on whatever type of explorer you are you can finish your day just as it began at your room in the circuit 39 hotel.

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