Hey it is day four of our time here at the chemin RL sea turtle rescue center, and yeah it’s a beautiful day today. So we just had just heading in to breakfast, and I think I might run around after breakfast, and take some photographs, I’m really taking any like scenic shots of the place see how everyone with their ships last night how our eyes right now I feel like very it is very tiring doing a total rest you think, I’m just gonna put out there. Because you have to work in the night end of the day.


So your body is like what the hell is going on anyway Stephen is walking he’s walking at breakfast this is the breakfast song when he walks a breakfast okay now I’ve sunscreen, and a hat double protection. But, I’m waiters checking for any babies, and then we’re gonna build P building the hatchery which is a very tiring job, and I have. So laughs sad to let you know it is tiring babies here we go again did we even do much yesterday it’s so hot today I think this is like the hottest it’s been it’s like a dry burning Heat we’re gonna try, and do it for a little bit ya know we’re all sunburns as well yeah. So adding to that working for an hour, and it is just too hard it’s too uncomfortable. So we’re just gonna head back in, and get some shade it’s all got really burned yesterday yesterday we did all that it’s just too hot it’s only 9:30, and this is how much, I’m sweating it is so hard even your face, and you never sweat mm-hmm, I’m sure it’s a beautiful place ah can they see this flat B this is a really good angle. So just moved on to our second task for the morning, and we’re pretty much as helping gardening just to keep the place clean cuz a lot of tourists come here to do tours which of course help fund the place.

So we’re just kind of just making it look nicer feel like team. So work go go go man we’re gonna lose some weight yeah guys I have a problem um I think sweat, and sunscreen went into my eye, and now it’s all swollen we’re not having the best of luck today are we guys we just made some work, and I was lunchtime I’ve noticed my eye looks even weirder when I go on this idea hello don’t mix sweat, and sunscreen you know fix your eyes anywho let’s go eat, I’m hungry like would you do such hard work in the morning I get. So hungry for lunch it’s good. Because you do finish work at 10:00 10:30, and then you don’t start work again till 4:00. So it is a nice rest in the middle of the day yeah well to get ready for like the night shifts yeah we work like seven hours eight hours a day including everything yeah if you’re interested bit Oh tough but. So worth it when you see those turtles going into the water hmm alright let’s go have some lunch that was good lunch, and now we’re just doing our check for the afternoon, and then yeah we must have it off until four o’clock until our next tasks hopefully fingers crossed is not in the salad yet way too hot. But there’s a beautiful day anyway if I could just sit on the beach, and go for a swim it would be a mess just the one guy which to be honest is amazing it is to release like two or three hundred at a time I kind of like when it’s the one guy you have to watch, and like root for them to like get into the getting to the ocean actually we put him out in the sand, and he didn’t move.

So I think he might have got a bit too much sun damage today I don’t blame maybe we didn’t get to him quick enough, I’m not too sure we do checks every two hours. So it could have like come up maybe like an hour, and a half ago yeah that’s how it goes see checks every two hours you might have hatched somewhere between those two, and we didn’t see him 5:30 down X check my eye is going down I think I think it’s going there, I’m fixing it’s currently four o’clock we’ve just done a little bit more work, and got out of the Sun. Because it was very hot today. But we are off to do some afternoon jobs. Because I guess it is a little bit cooler. But it’s still pretty hot and, I’m pretty sure on this thing is my skin, I’m pretty sure. Because it’s been.

So hot there’s like a thunderstorm or something cuz I keep hearing thunder even though you can’t see really too many clouds yet. But I think we’re coming like every night it’s so weird it’s actually kind of nice it’s especially got me off. But it’s not here you in the language seen the Lightning sorry yeah, I’m not being anywhere near the stop it is cool to see yes sir they were two speeding up with a grip now. So yeah afternoon job today is we’re on beach cleanup duty. So we’re doing it to the right hand side if you remember on like the first or second day here we did it’s the left side it’s a bit of a shorter route I should be good should be better then I. So hurt by caught that on camera this order is so reven gone for a swim in it yes.

So just around that corner when the tide is low there is a beautiful white sand beach which we in jessamine is talking about we’re so used to the black sand it will be weird to see the white sand against I think we might go there tomorrow, and there’s a ton of mango trees around this we’re thinking going up seeing if there’s any ripe mangoes go for a swim on the white sand beach, and some mango probably convince the other volunteers to come with guys is that a vulture if it is what’s it doing near our Turtles no no message in a bottle that looks like someone had some fun die. So this is where the Independence Day party was last night all righty guys we have the 8 to 11 shift which in my personal opinion is the best shift. Because you can go out, and then you get to go to bed, and have like an 8 in our fast asleep without having to wake up in the middle of the night. So it’s a bit. So we are off to look up the little baby turtle are you ready Stevie no mushroom ready let’s go let’s check for some baby alright guys the Milky Way is out. So we’re gonna try, and take some photos, and if we succeed we’ll show you some I’ve never taken lights on photography. So, I’m having it go at taking my first ever nighttime photo we’re trying guys you can kind of see the Milky Way there.

But I think the lens that we need is the one that we broke that those we tried there’s a couple I don’t know we’re very amateur when it comes to nighttime photography bit we had to go we had to go like this we only have an hour left guys, and then we’re going to bed, and we get an 8 enough hour sleep guys this has been going on for about 5 minutes 1 come on you’re having show us your hands where’s the rest of your team ready to go free yes mccready swim yay early night can I get a proper night’s sleep. So, I’m gonna enjoy this. But thanks for reading guys tonight guys fine I don’t beginning we’ve seen yesterday very soft points I so much who I know I got it too hard it’s just too hot. So hard way too hard today very hot today pretty hot something. So hot. So warm.

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