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The oars were made from poles split at one end with China holiday schedule a piece of goatskin stretched across the fork. For a rudder Hedin used his spade, China holiday schedule and the sail was of local red cotton. His boat was only slightly bigger than mine, both being about six feet long but his was three feet wide, more of a coracle than a canoe. He described his boat as warped and angular as an empty sardine box’.

He added: As our brave craft, in which I was going to navigate the Karakol for a whole week, lay bobbing up and down near the shore on her inflated goat-skins, she put me strongly in mind of some unknown antediluvian creature hatching its eggs’. The local Kirghiz didn’t use boats and had been astounded, as well they might be, by Hedin’s, for they had not even been able to imagine the idea of a boat.

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