The European Charm Of The Surrounding Towns Of Lake Garda

Some of the most fascinating elements of the wonderful Lake Garda in Italy include ancient villages, nature, medieval castles and old houses. If you want to experience a healthy lifestyle and unforgettable emotions then this is the perfect destination for you. It is chosen annually by tourists and visitors from all over the world, which leaves them breathless, giving them some magical moments and unforgettable memories.

Lake Garda , offers great sporting activities and has a wonderful amusement park nearby whose discounted tickets are offered by some hotels like Hotel Vicino Gardaland. To relax or play or for those who love nature or Nightlife, Lake Garda is the ideal place to spend your time. There are many glorious towns around the lake which have charmed visitors both foreign and local alike for centuries.

Desenzano and Sirmione

Even for the ancient civilizations of the Romans, Lake Garda was a luxurious summer holiday spot, which is evidenced by the ruins and mosaics in Desenzano and Sirmione. You can also visit these mosaics and ruins and enjoy a most wonderful excursion there.

The most visited area is the southern coast of Lake Garda, composed by beautiful landscapes and immersed in history, with its breathtaking city. Sirmione is just one of the most characteristic towns which is full of history and arts, and is ready to give you a magical experience. Not far away we find the town of Desenzano , which has the unmistakable Venetian footprints but it’s clearly Roman in origins , and offers a unique medieval castle to the visitors.

Peschiera del Garda

The town of Peschiera del Garda has a characteristic shape of the Pentagon and is located in the area where the lake becomes larger and famous for its beautiful architectural wonders such as the fortress and the fortress of Garda, which is a symbol of the history and achievements of the past.

Caprino Veronese

There is also the area of Caprino Veronese, a particular locality situated between Lake Garda and Monte Baldo, that offers a temperate climate and hiking trails and unique sporting opportunities, so its greatly sought after by tourists who are fans of this genre and who choose to explore Lake Garda through nature.

There are various resorts around the Lake Garda ranging from grand villas to cheap tour-group standard hotels. Accommodations are especially expensive in summer months so you should book well in advance. Some hotels are there although which offer discounted rates without compromising the quality like Hotel Vicino Gardaland.

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