French, and Italian Rivieras Tours

Hey My name is federica which is an Italian name, and Wagner which comes from Germany, it’s funny. Because this trips just seems to be matched perfectly on my life.

French, and Italian Rivieras Tours Photo Gallery

Because we cut away going it from Italy to France or friends to Italy vice versa, and we’re passing all to the places where. I have had parts of my family living there like for example in nice migrate my mother got married there, and she had children, and then we pass over to little agoria which most of my mother’s family also come from there and I just love you know going around those places which has. So many memories and I feel just the way a little bit at home to arrive on the islands is always something which is different from the continent when you’re on the islands you are a little bit more curious about what’s happening there, and in other way you also relax.

Because you take your time to go to the sea in Corsica we always try to have interaction with the people, and in Bastia we met the fishermen on the bay, and they were sitting at their favorite little Clubhouse the fisherman was. So Conard, and happy to be interviewed in a way. So they started speaking first in Italian then a little bit in French then they put some English words to it finally it was between words, and gestures hands the the travelers just got into this kind of little game, and we had very funny a moment if you are an explorer adventure if you like to learn, and discover if you love to interact with people if you love to eat, and drink come, and visit me.

I mean, I’m here. I’m waiting for you.

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