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Revel in the beauty of the same have a festive ambience of France during the holiday season where voices sing out at historic cathedrals bustling Christmas markets are filled with merriment, and time-honored French holiday traditions come to life, and you can be inspired by France, and it’s beautiful city of light during the most festive time of year you can improve the value, and make the most of your airfare with optional trip extensions enjoy the additional time in glittering Paris, and discover the beautiful southern city of takes on provence from your hometown.

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You’ll set out on a journey of discovery fly to paris france where. You’ll meet your program director, and board our private ship from there. You’ll set sail along the sin toward mount lazuli before continuing on to the colorful, and historic city of our then cruised to their known, and immerse yourself in the culture of this lovely town finally returned to Paris for several days of discovery in the City of Light a Miss journey.

You’ll delve into European history, and culture marvel at Paris at Christmas time during an included panoramic tour introducing you to the highlights of the city delight in French holiday traditions during an included tour of one of the walls colorful christmas markets, and enjoy ample opportunities to make discoveries on your own for example while in hua you can explore more of this fascinating, and historically rich city from its excellent museums to its medieval old quarter while in Europe. You’ll dine on freshly prepared regionally inspired meals your program director will give you insight on personal favorites, and local specialties everything on board is prepared fresh by our own chefs, and as you travel. You’ll enjoy opportunities to sample local cuisine as well you can experience even more with optional tours for example you can join an x square to Versailles your tour of this magnificent Palace takes you through the Grand chambers the hall of mirrors, and the Royal Chapel, and explore the highlights of the Louvre the sculptures, and paintings inside this world-famous Museum are unrivaled, and keep the discoveries going by adding tional extensions to your trip you can enjoy additional time to explore romantic Paris an included tour will introduce you to the city’s history and

You’ll have plenty of time at leisure to savor the rich culture of Paris on your own or join optional tours to further enhance your discoveries of the City of Light, and you can journey to Exxon Provence nestled amidst the vineyards, and olive groves of Francis Provence region enjoy a stroll around this lovely town, and visit the studio of celebrated painters season spend time at leisure exploring the local Christmas market, and join optional tours to some of the nearby villages of Provence join us in celebrating the holiday season amidst the lights, and festivities of France admire Paris as the elegant City shines by day, and sparkles by night immerse yourselves in the culture of Riverside villages as Christmas markets come to life, and relax aboard a private river ship as pastoral scenery greets you, and new friends. So room this delightful river cruise is only available a few weeks a year. So ensure your place aboard by reserving today.

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