One of the worst things that can happen when you make posts almost daily is you post an amazing day especially on a day where you didn’t think much would happen you post an amazing day you get great footage you go back to edit it you’re so excited to look at it you listen to the footage, and there is absolutely no audio. So anyway, I’m here now it’s midnight and, I’m editing the footage, and the whole intro to the post has no sound my friend Sebastian has a Sony, and we were testing out his new lens insane lens. So, I’m just gonna start this post off right, I’m gonna talk over what I think I said in this post until we get the clips that have audio that is actually usable. So it’s Thursday October the 13th 2018, and I was probably saying something like you know the weather is pretty bad today that morning there was a huge storm pouring rain wind all that good stuff it was almost like a hurricane at one point it was pretty intense when it’s raining, and you’re in the Maldives, and you’re on a boat there’s not too much you can do, and you start to get a bit of cabin fever you know we couldn’t surf we couldn’t go swim in the water or do anything.


So we’re pretty much stuck on the boat the plan for the day was to take a boat to Paradise Island, and we’re just assuming that the boat’s not going to come. Because the weather outside of the protected Cove was really really bad today’s post was also very different. Because this was the first post where I didn’t hold the camera almost the whole day it was very cool I didn’t know what to do with my hands. Because a lot of the times you know you’re so used to holding the camera Sebastian once they get better at post, and he wants to get better at directing. So he offered to post my post for the whole day it’s been tough to get every single person in a shot were all of us together. So we went downstairs, and then, I’m jumping down from the ceiling trying to hang from the railing we get down to the first level and, I’m talking about how amazing the camera quality is, and I can’t get over it yeah black black, I’m so hungry now, and I hope the dinner is coming now, and you’re going to the island to have a second dinner this is once though yes this is this yeah oh yeah there are some bananas. But do I look like a monkey I think no.

So I cannot eat they will die bananas. But I want to climb like a monkey, and I also want to surf like a monkey. Because I think it’s funny yourself like a monkey guys being large here. Because they say this people is maybe come yes yeah is gonna be lunch you know though we were going to go to that Island, and they just never showed up. So now we’re here we’re gonna have lunch here this is lunch very 15 banana hey the boat is here we’re going to go to the island walk around maybe have dinner there, I’m excited you know this boat for space. So here’s the deal we take the boat 20 minutes to this island it’s a private resort, and we were really unsure for you can stay for you know for dinner or for a few hours we get here they say only one hour on the island when you think of the Maldives this is what you think of white sand beaches the little Cabana huts on the beach it’s such a different side. Because I feel like our trip is so unique compared to if you were to come down here, and stay in a place like this just. Because when you here you’re stuck here more or less than we’ve been just kind of cruising around the islands doing our own thing absolutely also today. So I have a camera that David’s let me use, and Sebastian has been practicing his cameraman skills behind the scenes. So we will switch back to his camera now it would be cool to stay here for like a night or two nights yes I mean I feel like this is the kind of place you go for like a honeymoon or you know something like that we need to find we need to find the right person to pick us up here the right girl yes yeah should go look for girls here those beautiful that woman is right there think it calls for a night to stay here 250 loose I was thinking maybe more definitely more fairly. So it was in the thousands thousands yeah we were just on the beach, and there’s a huge storm coming. So we’re like let’s just go inland into the island, and David’s like oh there’s a spot this is the spot it would be kind of cool to stay here yeah just for like a night welcome to the spa on Paradise Island hello this is a birdbath filled with these flower type of things thank you for letting us look Wow that was ridiculous yeah it has to be at least I don’t know if it’s a thousand nine. But you never know we just had some cappuccino some coffees, and we’re out here now I don’t know if you can hear.

Because by the mic. But look at this yeah oh geez. So we just had some coffee we’re hanging out now at this restaurant look what just decides to happen it is monsoon in our the surf just picked up the rain the wind that’s a lot worse now than when we came here. So we have to go back in our little boat to the big boat through that stuff over there that storm yeah do you think it’s going to flip or do you think it’s gonna be good, I’m afraid, I’m not the I’d say, I’m 50 there’s a 50% chance that boat might flip. So the next clip will either be all this footage will be ruined, and the cameras will be gone or we’ll be safely on the boat oh we have one waterproof GoPro oh you have your GoPro yes. So then we might have GoPro footage of the book being slow if you see you in the next shot if I survive all right let’s do this before we miss you come on the nail go let’s go accordingly yeah alright. So we just got back to the boat it is down porn right now in the Maldives, and I don’t think I’ve introduced to say your name where you’re from okay, I’m a trans from Copenhagen sounds like Arnold sometimes the shorts a nigger and, I’ll be back, and today’s five or six the market we’re gonna jump in the water in the monsoon at all.

So the whole day we’ve been doing this thing where Sebastian posts me, and I filled him. So, I’m curious to see how our post. So here he is so you’re us recording, and I jumping in I haven’t had a trip like this that has been. So carefree in my whole life. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worried less, and live your passion seriously get out there, and live it. Because this is honestly the first time in my whole life that I have with my passion, and also you can probably tell by my voice I’ve been living my passion a bit too hard I have a bit of a cold from surfing all day, and not drinking enough water.

But I will see a room tomorrow from the Maldives.

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