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Oh Oh Hey everybody the Sun is just starting to rise, and we decided to get out going to snuggle up, and watch the Sun Rise, and it is absolutely beautiful I think what we’re going to go do is go a little run around the town. Because the best time to explore these towns in Europe is before everyone’s awake. So we’re going to go do that maybe take a few photos as well as it’s so nice, and quiet the only thing that is open at the moment not just a little bakeries I think just to kind of feed the shop owners while they get ready to open up all the stores okay a little bit of fairy tale stuff oh how beautiful is this one I just turned the corner is these rows everywhere I don’t see wish we had more time just to like a run around, and explore what I think I think I need to go to the bakery get myself a tree directly yeah. But are we in order to get a chocolate croissant cheery chocolate thank you thank you maybe chocolate croissant or chocolate croissant you may like one thing that you’re at knows how to do I know how to do pop they know how to do their baked goods good Oh Oh we just leave in the port I’ve got my cup up from you spent all morning on these little meth heads of backseat, and house or just leaving sorry Brad, and I think that was my favorite time we visited. So far. So beautiful.

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So interact we could have the orange rooftop, and then at the top is had these luscious flora it’s not what I expected Croatia to look like those kind of blown away took it all in this morning, and now we’re just going to go to a bit of a beach town going to be exciting out there you guys more about when we get there that, I’m just going to sit back finish my coffee maybe go have a second coffee, and let’s enjoy the truth should the hormone let’s call Mia thank ya guys we just got to bold today is going to be a beach day which is going to be super relaxing we kind of had a small beach day in Paris in Greece. But I feel like this is a day this is the day that we do the full beach day. Because we only kind of had a couple of hours in Greece. But the waters are so clear like a look at this oh the water is so refreshing as well, and then a lot of watersports you can do over there. So some parasailing saw some jet skis I think we can have some fun today I know this is all the rave in England. But we’ve never been through a Pebble Beach before it’s like a first interacting hi guys welcome to bowl I think this is just going to be a super chill day you’re not really doing anything exciting I think it’s just one of those Beach days winded okay yeah, I’m good iced coffee we found in Croatia they’re not the best of doing coffee I know I always have to get an iced coffee otherwise it doesn’t taste the best part by the way you are rocking the yacht life right now what is your new shirt you got on ahoy matey turn around crow hat iced coffee this has got to be the clearest turquoise water we’ve seen in Croatia.

So far we just come back to the boat after spending few hours on the beach just relaxing or very nice cooking up a steep for lunch Breen I’ve done it again he does it every time amazing lunch thank you with such a cool view nicely. So nice having a boat. Because beach is good. But sometimes you just want to come back have a swim that’s your lunch have a kitchen right there chef on board, and then we just watch the people you just come to our foot for the knife, and there is a really a horse here. So it is an interesting way we have to get over to the other side okay journey oh don’t fall in oh, I’ll be successful on the road this is a clever idea just to get us across. So because this isn’t really a proper port stop we’ve talked about a ten minute walk away from the little town that we’re going to be chillin at tonight that’s a really nice walk I think Croatia, I’m not expecting to be walking through like a forest right now just the view see see I think, I’m so glad we’ve done this trip.

Because we’ve gone to such unique spots that they’re like I’ve seen a lot of Croatian. So many different stops in Croatia as well when I sort of Croatia I thought of Dubrovnik, and that’s all I thought it’s just the orange ruse beautiful backdrop I didn’t even realize it was so green, and luscious here. So let me join this walk it is up seven o’clock I heard there’s a good burger stop here in the town, and we’re going to go there fingers crossed they do a good veggie burger if not maybe a fish burger or we can just go back to pizza we’ve arrived at the town it’s really cute this kind of almost got a roundabout for the boats, and just look. So many evil I can’t get over this place of course we’re on our honeymoon, and we get the milkshakes ladies have the mojitos. But Cheers – taken last night like a lost my hopeful not saying that in a year’s time we realized that they didn’t do any veggie burgers which is fine sorry jealous in the girls burgers, and it looks. So good we found a place that does their biggest eater like New York City slice beep beep please notice all we need, I’m today on the water yeah, I’m Bruno saying picanha means bakery.

So we just need look out for that look at the butt Oh should you know we should have come before how long does that we will model recess I miss we do such a cute little place look at this we found a little bridge when I for an evening stroll. Because it is very quiet to downtown, and the girls are getting some wine from this place over here, and we decided we’re going to have a boat night through all getting someone getting some nibblies, and heading back to the boat for most of the times we’ve been out yeah. So we’re going to have a catamaran cruise chill night yeah, and look at this cobblestone bridge that we’re walking on leather little lights, and stuff yeah thank you, and it’s just a quiet town I don’t think there’s any cloud Emily is running around, and yeah not a party town tomorrow night. So of all that’s going to be the party town when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s amore the wine is flowing, and we are all just enjoying the night morning papi I have a present yes yeah everyone else is still asleep which means we try to get a bit of a private breakfast how you feelin are you want more coffee it’s boiling mornin Bruno how you doing last day it’s such a beautiful day I think this is the flattest it has been. So far pretty much being up for the entire week we stumble out a bit have a coffee have some breakfast, and then we sail to the next destination we’ve put some good shoes on everyone come to the front of the boat here grab a book listen to a podcast for music, and just relax, and it’s so nice just look how clear, and flat this water is I think we’re going to head to a bay to do some swimming before heading to our final destination I can’t believe the trip is almost over, I’m so unbelievably quick guys wasn’t Savard this is the final stop of the entire trip I can’t believe it is over it felt like just a few days ago that we were leaving splits. But this is the end. So I think it’s going to be a bit of a party night literally all the boats from from all the different yacht routes in here.

Because you can do several Croatia routes we decided to do the Discovery route which personally I think it’s probably the better route. Because there’s less sailing which means there’s more time for you to actually see the places the other route does take you to Dubrovnik. But don’t worry we will be going to Dubrovnik on this bridging if you like a transfer to the city where we will be going tomorrow. So we’re seeing things I ending don’t worry we’re seeing it as you can see all the boats are lined up got even more boats over here with hvar the the kind of porters away from the town. So we have to just catch like a water taxi in. But I think everyone’s getting ready we’re going to have a few drinks with everyone. Because all the boats are here.

So we’re going to have a bit of fun go out for dinner have some good food, and enjoy the rest of our time here I think the ladies are getting red in there. Because I can hear the tunes contemn thing they got like a little makeup station going on. Because you can see there’s pretty much our kind of jetty that we have in all the boats are lined up here. So this awesome little alleyway ready to party girl you know what, I’m going back to be on pressure to revise our corn market in gesture Department that ain’t happening this is just are you strange to this would never happen in Australia very European open sort of all everyone I look amazing I think this is my favorite port it’s called as a favor for the last time yeah probably the definitely the biggest port that we’ve come to, and it’s all these restaurants, and shops on lining the border moving here. But it looked quite cool to be honest I think we’ve picked out a spot where we’re going to meet everyone for like the last offer we have two hours to kill. So we’re going to go explore it yeah like the street this is our picture Croatia maybe very similar oh there’s a restaurant laughs we’re going R&R Oh awesome well we know we’re going for dinner yeah I think this is what a picture Croatian, and look like of course when you speak Croatian see Dubrovnik, and this is like a real small version alone thank you oh yeah it should be very classy part of the card right yeah looks so much like a medieval town look our cuties little alleyway restaurants are we have it like a few hours to kill before dinner we mean enough with the guild serious they’re just going to go walk around the port the Sun is setting, and it’s looking really beautiful at the moment I love my leg did redness reminds you of that square in Venice I forgot what it’s called that was a main square in Venice in Italy, and it felt like the church up there, and it’s like a big open area with all the pigeons yeah this is a good spot. Because the current the Sun is right there the leases lighting this up, and to be honest anyone says what’s the color of my wedding suit it’s the walls of Croatia.

So guys are not children dr. Michelle Holbrooke yeah oh you guys for the shot quickly shot no thank you one animail dr. calimari you can select a seafood spaghetti which the three good, and the vegetarian that looks amazing as well it’s a good restaurant sweet yeah good work Bruno literally have a food belly. But we’ve decided we really want to watch the sunset at this fortress I don’t know the exact name. But if you come to the bar you pretty much can’t miss the fortress it’s right up right at the top I literally have lost my breath to the eight minutes at most M through the hall here we go Trevor a double portrait we’re so sad with the name vinegar that is amazing the sunsets we’re trying to be when you analyze beat the rush, and get up there, and everyone’s from their tail is going to go up there, and watch the sunset which I think can be really nice. But, I’m just get there touch your breasts Bobby get a dress back okay for what, I’m guessing would be the number one tourist attraction there’s no one here I think we just leave it the sunset yeah Tori the funhouse we don’t have to rush out that hot see look amazing kind of cool being in a castle jumper oh wow that’s so cool oh my goodness we actually came in a good time the city looks actually. So nice at night everything is just starting to light up.

Because the Sun is gone we got the harbor just here the view is amazing yeah it’s kind of crazy to be at a Ford like a really tourist spot a historical spot everyone here is so relaxed there are some images which probably are quite questionable to be getting sister, and no one here cares at all which is interesting. Because I betcha if we watch this post back in ten years, and someone’s like you were climbing on top of that that doesn’t happen anymore sorry Bruno has the hook-up you sell us out of all of Croatia’s this is the spot to get ice cream. Because I bought this in front of the port I asked like a doctor, and our chances with a live show goes ah this is wrong, and I said, I’m going to put it on top hey guys this is the last night in the catamaran. So far it has been so much fun another the best plates in here, and I think is come the working of the bars like a rock seriously yeah it’s like being a baby being in this little boat rocking yourself to sleep are you coming to that I think, I’m coming to bed oh it’s been a good week and, I’m pooped this is your son’s from all the relaxing I hope you guys have been enjoying these posts that we have loved it this is a good start of the honeymoon.

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