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Fleurs from far, and beyond have crossed waters, and mountains to seek the treasures of Colombia in colonial days they built cities, and ports allured by the myth of El Dorado but the real jewels have never been only those made of gold, and silver, it’s just being here, and among the people who are very warm today the lush forest of Colombia’s coffee triangle produce some of the best coffee beans in the world.

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I expect to have a good cup of coffee the streets of Bogota transport us back in time while the sparkling bay apart AHIMA, and the metropolis Medellin offers access to some of the world’s most innovative cities what adventures await in the history, and Hills of this part of South America you Bogota was once a powerful colonial Spanish capital today Bogota remains a dynamic capital city with a population of million distinctive individuals. I was born, and raised in Bogota Colombia. I’m.

So proud of my country, and having this opportunity to show. How the country has changed, it’s a for me like a dream located in the northern part of the Andes Mountains Medellin has emerged from a conflict ridden past to become the leading city of innovation in South America everybody. I’ve talked to said cambia well you know what Tommy is famous for why are you going there. I felt no safety issues nothing it was, it’s truly been a good trip today we have Avengers in their head we are going to go to the coffee farm the coffee Hacienda we are going to learn why our Colombian coffee is different from others, and what makes our Colombian coffee unique from within Colombia’s coffee trees the volcanic soil produces top-quality Arabica beans which are grown harvested, and washed on local plantations then dried, and exported to countries all over the world the shell basically acts like a small package to the green beans that, it’s in Sao Paulo he’s just an expert in the Colombian coffee of course his family, and like about four generations working for coffee in the coffee farm.

So for that reason he’s also very enthusiastic oh here you don’t like coffee but. I’m gonna give you a coffee flower red everything. I can find, and coffee but tell you experience, and walk through this jungle for though you have no idea. How hard his hand worked for the coffee beans we had a wonderful espresso I’d like another one maybe after lunch we could get it ration it out s coffeeshop Edo Korean salento is a beautiful colonial town in the creation of latte art these decorative patterns in the foam on espresso drinks are made by the local baristas that’s yummy.

I’m addicted to lattes, and cappuccinos davia is your burn too to become the baristas you’re going to draw in their, and your chose two of them they already tried to make the figures. I think. I think they did it very well the epëus is a colorfully decorated Jeep normally used in local parades, and celebrations but they are also a great way to discover the cloud forests of Cour kora National Park the wax palm tree Colombia’s national tree can grow to a staggering height of feet Pal miyashita us Trotwood national colombiano okay says that the this tree that you’re going to plant is the wax palm tree of Kim Viet.

So this a palm tree is going to be a link a friendship between you, and ask that you make those wonderful contacts to realize. How human these folks are it served, it’s been a marvelous experience known as the most formidable defensive complex of Spanish military architecture the San Felipe fortress was built in, and was named in honor of Phillip fourth of Spain these will make it round this angle in the late s Englishman Sir Francis Drake arrived here with a powerful fleet, and quickly took the city after paying a ransom it is estimated that Spain poured the equivalent of two trillion dollars into the city’s fortifications over the next few decades stacks of gold, and silver treasures would be kept in these tunnels protected from the plundering Caribbean pirates oh this beautiful fabulous yes interesting. How they engineered everything, and the tunnels of booty we went to the home of Paola who is a very beautiful lovely lady a husband, and two small children their apartment was view, and high up in a high-rise with a view of it a staple in Colombian homes this rice chicken in sauteed vegetable dish is believed to be a variation of the famous Spanish dish hyah brought to the new world by the conquistadors it was very informally which was really fun. Because we could all just say sit there together, and enjoy the conversation, and she called she, and her husband made us feel very warm really in life, and the little girl drew pictures for each of us. So each of us got to bring home a drawing from this adorable an adventure through Colombia’s Medellin City oh the views abused, it’s incredible in the fortifications of Carta Heyman, and the colonial charm of Bogota, and field.

I could get you out in a way, and you’re in the villages, and we never would have gotten there on our own through the heart of the coffee triangle through the lush cloud forest a South American journey awaits your discovery. I was born, and raised in Bogota Colombia being growing here in Colombia was a little bit tough during the eighties, and nineties with the drug dealer that everyone knows already Paulus Kivar he just wanted to control the situation of the country, and at the end of the s with a realist with the partn they had controlled most of the areas of the country fortunately right now things are getting better. I always start to connect my travelers with the people especially with people that have been under conflict and This is the bad situation with soldiers if possible.

So with us is draw us the soldiers we met they are taking care of the country they feel proud of that. I’m. So proud of my country, and having this opportunity to show. How the country has changed is for me like a dream my country has many many beautiful places landscapes lush areas like the coffee triangle beautiful cities like kartha hain iboga cha Mary Jean but for me the highlight of my country is the people can Colombians are among the most welcoming people in the world you don’t like coffee and I’m going to give you a coffee flower.

So for me is a very good opportunity to change that mentality of travellers to change their opinion about that country with real deals with real facts we are now open to the world we have many things to offer to share people are right now very proud, and then success. I hope you to join me in this adventure enjoy it overseas having to travel in this beautiful trip or sure the only risk you may have is wanting to stay you.

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