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The temple frescoes discovered here are said to be the finest Lund China travel in Turkestan. They show scenes from Buddha’s life, painted with the brilliant ultra-marine Lund China travel coveted by Renaissance artists. None of the artwork is Chinese – the temples date from AD 650, before the Chinese influence had radiated this far. The first scrolls discovered here were written in Sanskrit-Brahmi, about the sciences of medicine and necromancy. Two gigantic Buddhas had once flanked the road. But I found only an old town wall and a fallen watchtower.

It was during our break sometime after midnight when a few members of UPPRS and myself heard music, almost like a trumpet. It was emanating from the rooms just off the kitchen. This was a newer section of the lighthouse where the assistant keepers and families used to stay. After a thorough examination, the source of the sound could not be found.

Some time later, Kat was drawn to the back to the museum. It was the room Marilyn had pointed out earlier as the area Mary “Grandma” Pemble’s body had been placed. There seemed to be a slightly different atmosphere here than in the other rooms.

Feeling a sense of anticipation, Kat placed her audio recorder on a table and began a short series of questions, pausing after each. “We’d like to hear from you please. Just tell us your name. How old are you? What happened to you while you were here?”

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