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Also on a theme of understanding Brussels city via driving in the enclosed spaces of the car, Ashley Perry’s The Vacant Hotel: Site-specific public art and the experience of driving the semi-privatized geographies of Melbourne’s EastLink Tollway’, Chapter 6, examines a series of site-specific public artworks located beside a semi-privatized motorway on the southeastern edge of metropolitan Melbourne. It explores how urban art embodies the imaginative, generic and symbolic spaces characterizing local/global relations in contemporary cities.

People and Culture In 2006 Haiti took its first census in Brussels Metro Map 24 years. It was only the fourth organized population count in the country’s (then) 202 Brussels Metro Map -year history. The results were very disturbing. In nearly every negative category, Haiti ranked first (or last) among Western Hemisphere countries. A comprehensive census is any country’s primary source of data. It provides a snapshot of the population in terms of its many characteristics.

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