Prestile Stream

Key Species: brook trout, rainbow trout possible Best Way to Fish: wading Best Time to Fish: May through August MAG: 59, A-2

Description: Like the famed trout waters of Pennsylvania, Prestile Stream is a limestone stream, a rarity in Maine except for a few spots in Aroostook County. The countryside here consists of woods, fields, and rolling hills. Some bank fishing is possible, but wading is the best method when the water is low. Canoes can be used early in the season. Aroostook State Park, just across the Westfield town line in Presque Isle, offers camping.

Fishing index: Unlike their brethren in the rest of the state, the brook trout in this incredibly fertile stream are often quite selective, forcing you to become proficient at matching the hatch. This is a perfect fly fishing water. The stream is easily waded. Use sparsely dressed dry flies; flick-style dries are perfect. Carry a selection of small dun variants, Hendricksons, creme variants, and blue-winged olives. You should also bring a selection of midges, as well as some ant patterns. In summer, ants become a favorite trout food. On dark days when no flies are hatching, try slack-line fishing with red-and-white bucktails, Edson tiger light, and purple and green-bodied soft-hackle flies. Presentation is important here, so take pains to approach the fish from downstream, getting as close as possible before casting. Try not to let the fish see your shadow. The native brook trout here are very dark, with brilliant markings. Fishing is excellent through August. Brook trout average a bit less than 12 inches, so use light tackle; a 4- or 5-weight outfit is perfect. Long, thin leaders are a help.

Directions: Take U.S. Route 1 to Mars Hill and continue on U.S. Route 1 (also known as the Presque Isle Road) to the intersection of the Shorey Road on the left and the Westfield Road on the right. Turn right onto the Westfield Road and follow it to town.

Look for the Egypt Road on the left. Access to Prestile Stream is from the Egypt Road, heading north. This road borders the stream, allowing plenty of access. Fishing is good at all points.

For more information: Call the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Regional Office in Ashland.

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