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Best Place to Strike it Rich: The historic Reed Gold Mine is the site of the first documented gold find in the United States (B REED GOLD MINE).

Best Place to Quench the Need for Speed: The hands-on Richard Petty Driving Experience allows you to race around the track at top speeds (B RICHARD PETTY DRIVING EXPERIENCE).

Best Place to Spot a Racing Rock Star: Hendrick Motorsports represents drivers like Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jeff Gordon, Mark Martin, and Jimmie Johnson (B HENDRICK MOTORSPORTS).

Best Place to Score a Deal: The Concord Mills Mall has 200 stores and has been rated the number-one tourist attraction in North Carolina r a CONCORD Mil l S MALL).

Best Place to Eat Barbeque: Nosh on pulled pork and baked beans in a booth surrounded by racing memorabilia at Lancaster’s BBQ and Wings (BLANCASTER’S BBQ AND WINGS).

C9 Best Place to Sleep with a Racecar Driver: The entire 3rd floor at Hampton Inn and Suites is a tribute to the legendary Dale Earnhardt (H HAMPTON INN AND SUITES).

Between 17,000 and 35,000 Haitians living in Garland Metro Map the Dominican Republic are massacred by military forces. Dr. Francois Papa Doc” Duvalier is elected Garland Metro Map president of Haiti. After a reign of terror against his enemies, Duvalier becomes president-for-life. Thousands of Haitians flee the country, many by boat to Florida. President-for-life Duvalier dies and is succeeded by his son, Jean-Claude Baby Doc” Duvalier, as president-for-life.

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