Colorado Springs Metro Map

Carter and her five daughters that are at school with me Colorado Springs Metro Map Miss Priscilla, Nancy, Fanny, Betsy, and Harriot, five as beautiful delicate, well Colorado Springs Metro Map -instructed children as I have ever known! Ben is abroad; Bob and Harry are out. Ben, the eldest, is a youth of genius: of warm impetuous disposition; desirous of acquiring knowledge, docile, vastly inquisitive and curious in mercantile, and mechanical matters, very fond of horses and takes great pleasure in exercising them. Bob, the other brother, is by no means destitute of capacity.

He is extremely volatile and unsettled in his temper, which makes it almost wholly impossible to fix him for any time to the same thing, on which account he has made but very little advancement in any one branch of study, and this is attributed to barrenness of genius. He is slovenly, clumsy, very fond of shooting, of dogs, and of horses, but a very stiff rider, good natured, pleased with the society of persons much below his family, and estate and tho’ quick and wrathful in his temper, yet he is soon moderated, and easily subdued. Harry, the nephew, is rather sullen in his make.

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