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Liberty Boys. Another name for the Sons of Liberty. Tampa Subway Map Liberty pole. See Liberty tree. Liberty tree. A flagstaff or tree flying a flag that Tampa Subway Map indicated support for the Revolutionary cause.

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It explores a physical catalyst for social and political change. Inevitably, the design work is a part of a larger activist movement. It highlights global issues of refugee crises and how societies are ill equipped to debate and construct new paradigms for global dislocation. The interest in political agency through design and collective action demands that others are also thinking through and acting out various political and social agendas in the built environment. The SIEV X was quite consciously located in the public realm as a way of intervening with the status quo.

This memorial not only calls into question who we memorialize in the public realm, it questions the role of memorials within our cities. One of the SIEV X Memorial’s roles is to provoke responses and incite debate. Canberra is Australia’s national capital city; its physical fabric is embedded with iconic representations of Australian national identity. Memorials in Canberra are meant to highlight our collective pasts, define what has made Australia, inform notions of who we are, and importantly, demonstrate what we stand for. The SIEV X Memorial questions all of these ideals in a very public way. It stands in physical juxtaposition to Parliament House, and forces visitors to question values that other Canberra memorials celebrate. This memorial poses that a public memorial is not a passive receptacle for mythologies and demonstrations of heroics but a vehicle for questioning Australia’s current geo-political situation. The procurement processes for public memorials are often overly concerned with minimizing political risks, mitigating public contention and ameliorating debates. In Australia’s rapidly-changing urban environments where communities are indeed diverse and disparate; public memorials can celebrate conflicting values and needs, rather than placating the public.

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