China holiday christmas

m. at a truckers’ hotel, and all the passengers China holiday christmas went to a small barred window reception where they clamoured for beds; all waving one- China holiday christmas yuan notes (33p) and trying to push these in through the window, behind which a clerk was issuing bed tickets. It was too crowded for me and I stood back to wait. Suddenly the office door opened and another clerk pulled me inside, shoved a ticket into my hand and pointed to a women’s dormitory. I was grateful for the preferential treatment, and other people were helpful about where to find cold running water, and boiling water for the room’s tea-thermos. The ladies’ loo was a series of holes in a concrete platform, with outer walls and low partitions.

After a brief period of time she turned and left. The recorder continued to run. Kat came downstairs and joined the others for a much needed break.

When the break was over, Kat followed Brad and Ryan to the upstairs bedroom believed to be the children’s room. Earlier in the evening, when I was there with Brad, he had placed a toy wooden rocking horse on an old sewing machine table and positioned a video camera to record any movements.

Museum room where Grandma Pemble’s body is believed to have been placed after her death.

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