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This National Monument in the northeast corner of Minnesota protects a historic 8.5-mile portage route from Lake Superior to the Pigeon River on the Canadian border. A portion of the path passes through an Indian Reservation.

Activities: The 8.5-mile trail is open to backpacking, hiking, and cross-country skiing. Bikes are not allowed.

Camping Regulations: Camping is restricted to one primitive area at the far end of the trail, near the Pigeon River. Campfires are allowed. A free backcountry camping permit must be obtained before starting out.

For Further Information: Grand Portage National Monument, P.O. Box 666, Grand Marais, MN 55604.

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The list thereafter steadily increased and at about 1330 hrs water was entering the firemen’s forecastle on the port side on the upper deck. The list continued to increase and at about 1400 hrs, several men left the forecastle and climbed aft along the starboard side of the ship towards the boats aft. The port lifeboat and rafts had been washed away and the men were unable to move the starboard boat, so they jumped into the water. According to the evidence, all the crew except the master were seen in the water at this time. After an interval, seven of the men swam back to the ship, which by this time had turned completely over, keel uppermost, and climbed on to the bottom. One of the boats then floated alongside and four survivors scrambled on board. Shortly afterwards the vessel sank, E by S of the Longstone lighthouse. At around 1615 hrs (BST) the force of the wind had increased and by about 1700 hrs had reached its maximum force in a gust of a moderate gale at moderating and veering. Her crew had consisted of 12 men – the master, the mate, the two engineers, two able seamen, two deck hands, two firemen, one cook and one ordinary seaman. Eight of the men were lost, including the master, mate and both engineers.

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