Clear Flour Bread US Map & Phone & Address

Clear Flour Bread US Map & Phone & Address

178 Thorndike SL, Brookline; (617)739-0060

The minute you walk in, you’ll be floating on air. It smells fabulous in here. Clear Flour is barely a store more a humble bakery for restaurants and markets but they are happy to sell to you directly. Baguettes are the best deals here, with prices that have hardly gone up in years. The small ones, well over a foot long, are just $1.25; large ones, which are gigantic, are $2.25 all in French, herb, and sourdough. Round loaves of buckwheat, sourdough, and herb varieties are $2.25. Open from 10 a.m. to 8 P.M. seven days.

Entenmann’s Outlet Store

105 Providence Hwy. (Rte. 1), Norwood; (617) 769-6635

113 Newbury Sl (Rte. 1), Peabody; (508) 535-1700

Readers with a sweet tooth will want to take advantage of the chance to get Entenmann’s baked goods at tremendous savings in many cases, over half-off. Their clearance outlet has a large quantity of cakes, cookies, pastries and bread, plus some non-bakery items.

There are three levels of discount on boxed pastry. Fresh goods are sold at bakery-direct prices: French crumb cake, for example, sells at $2.99 in supermarkets and $2.30 here. Market returns, which haven’t yet reached their expiration dates, are about half-price: A box of six blueberry muffins was reduced from $2.99 to $1.50. Finally, the markdown section includes goods that can be anywhere from two to eight days old, all priced at $1. Here you may find a box of chocolate chip cookies that had been $2.39. Entenmann’s stuff is so good, though, that it doesn’t go stale very quickly.

The store also gets products from other area companies at discount, such as Sealtest ice cream and Arnold rye bread. For senior citizens there is a further 10% discount off the total at the register. Open seven days.

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